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  Short Title Author Year
Vaga PECK, Frances 1813
Vale of Clyde, The SCOTT, Honoria [pseud?] 1810
Vale of Conway, The ANON 1803
Vale of Louisiana, The ISDELL, Sarah 1805
Valentine's Eve OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1816
Valerius LOCKHART, John Gibson 1821
Valley of Collares YORKE, Mrs R. P. M. (trans?) 1800
Valley of the Shenandoah, The TUCKER, George 1825
Vallies, The ?TEMPEST, Basil 1827
Return to top Valombrosa ANON 1805
Valperga SHELLEY, Mary Wollstonecraft 1823
Vampyre, The POLIDORI, John William 1819
Vargas WHITE, Joseph Blanco 1822
Varieties in Woman ANON 1819
Varieties of Life ?SMITH, Orton 1815
Variety PRINCEPS, Elizabeth Louisa Slater 1820
Vaults of Lepanto, The TUCKETT, T. R. 1814
Veiled Protectress, The MEEKE, Mary 1819
Velina WHYTE, Alexander 1812
Return to top Vensenshon BUTLER, Harriet 1806
Veritas Vincit ANON 1827
Very Strange, but Very True! LATHOM, Francis 1803
Vesuvia ANON 1807
Veteran, The HARLEY, Edward 1819
Vicar of Iver, The ANON 1821
Vicissitudes Abroad BENNETT, Anna Maria 1806
Vicissitudes in Early Life LAWLER, Dennis 1808
Vicissitudes of Life WEST, Jane 1815
Victim of Friendship, The KING, Sophia [afterwards FORTNUM, Sophia] 1801
Return to top Victim of Intolerance, The TORRENS, Robert 1814
Victims of Seduction, The GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] 1815
Victor DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume 1802
Victoria ANON 1828
Villa Nova SELDEN, Catherine 1805
Village Anecdotes LE NOIR, Elizabeth Anne 1804
Village Coquette, The ANON 1822
Village Gentleman, The DUNCOMBE, Mrs A. 1808
Village of Friedewalde, The LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; POWELL, James (trans.) 1806
Return to top Village of Mariendorpt, The PORTER, Anna Maria 1821
Village Pastor and his Children, The LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1803
Village Pastor, The ?SHEPHERD, William 1825
Village Romance, The ELSON, Jane 1802
Villasantelle SELDEN, Catherine 1817
Vindictive Spirit, The THOMAS, Elizabeth 1812
Virginia PARKER, Emma 1811
Virtue and Vice RAYNER, W. H. 1806
Virtuous Poverty SIDDONS, Henry 1804
Virtuous Wife, The LEVERLAND, Gervase C. 1812
Return to top Visit to London, A HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1814
Vittoria Colonna CROWE, Eyre Evans 1827
Vivian Grey DISRAELI, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield 1826
Vivonio FRANCES, Sophia 1806
Voyage of Captain Popanilla, The DISRAELI, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield 1828

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