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  Short Title Author Year
Tale of a Modern Genius, The PENNIE, John Fitzgerald 1827
Tale of Mystery, A DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume ; MEEKE, Mary (trans.) 1803
Tale of Olden Time, A ANON 1821
Tale without a Title, A LEWIS, Alethea Brereton 1804
Tale, for Gentle and Simple, A ANON 1815
Tales and Confessions RITCHIE, Leitch 1829
Tales and Legends CORBETT, Marion and CORBETT, Margaret 1828
Return to top Tales and Romances, of Ancient and Modern Times MOSER, Joseph 1800
Tales and Sketches HAY, William 1828
Tales and Sketches of the West of Scotland PICKEN, Andrew 1824
Tales at the Fire Side CLARK, Emily 1817
Tales by the O'Hara Family. Second Series BANIM, John and BANIM, Michael 1826
Tales Characteristic, Descriptive, and Allegorical CORP, Harriet 1829
Tales for Cottagers LEADBEATER, Mary and SHAKLETON, Elizabeth 1814
Tales from Afar ANON 1824
Return to top Tales from Switzerland ANON 1822
Tales of a Briefless Barrister SCARGILL, William Pitt 1829
Tales of a Physician HARRISON, William H. 1829
Tales of a Pilgrim SUTHERLAND, Alexander 1827
Tales of a Tourist LEFANU, Alicia 1823
Tales of a Traveller IRVING, Washington 1824
Tales of a Voyager to the Arctic Ocean GILLIES, Robert Pierce 1826
Tales of a Voyager to the Arctic Ocean. Second Series GILLIES, Robert Pierce 1829
Tales of an Antiquary THOMSON, Richard 1828
Tales of an Exile WILLIAMS, William Frederick 1803
Return to top Tales of an Indian Camp JONES, James Athearn 1829
Tales of Ardennes INGLIS, Henry David 1825
Tales of Fancy BURNEY, Sarah Harriet 1816
Tales of Fashionable Life EDGEWORTH, Maria 1809
Tales of Fault and Feeling BUSK, Mary Margaret 1825
Tales of Former Times ST JOHN, Andrew 1808
Tales of Four Nations ANON 1829
Tales of Irish Life WHITTY, Michael James 1824
Tales of Military Life ?MAGINN, William 1829
Tales of Modern Days BARBER, Elizabeth 1824
Return to top Tales of my Aunt Martha STODDART, Lady Isabella Wellwood 1822
Tales of my Father, and my Friends ANON 1823
Tales of my Grandmother CRAWFORD, Archibald 1825
Tales of my Grandmother, The CRAWFORD, Archibald 1824
Tales of my Landlady PUZZLEBRAIN, Peregrine [pseud.] 1818
Tales of my Landlord SCOTT, Sir Walter 1816
Tales of my Landlord, New Series, containing Pontefract Castle ?DIBDIN, Thomas John 1820
Tales of my Landlord, New Series, containing the Fair Witch of Glas Llyn ?DIBDIN, Thomas John 1821
Tales of my Landlord, Third Series SCOTT, Sir Walter 1819
Tales of my Landlord. Second Series SCOTT, Sir Walter 1818
Return to top Tales of my Time CHETWODE, ?Anne 1829
Tales of Old Mr Jefferson JEFFERSON, Mr [pseud.] 1823
Tales of Other Realms ?PORTER, Sir Robert Ker 1809
Tales of Passion SAINT LEGER, Francis Barry Boyle 1829
Tales of Perplexity ANON 1829
Tales of Real Life ANON 1810
Tales of Real Life OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1813
Tales of the Abbey KENDALL, Mrs A. 1800
Tales of the Affections CADDICK, Mrs H. C. 1828
Tales of the Crusaders SCOTT, Sir Walter 1825
Return to top Tales of the Dead UTTERSON, Sarah Elizabeth 1813
Tales of the Great St Bernard CROLY, George 1828
Tales of the Heart OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1820
Tales of the Imagination LESTER, Elizabeth B. 1820
Tales of the Manor GREEN, Sarah 1809
Tales of the Manor HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1822
Tales of the Moors SMYTH, Amelia Gillespie 1828
Tales of the Munster Festivals GRIFFIN, Gerald Joseph 1827
Tales of the Passions MOORE, George 1808
Tales of the Priory HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1820
Return to top Tales of the Wars of our Times SHERER, Joseph Moyle 1829
Tales of the West CARNE, John 1828
Tales of the Wild and the Wonderful DODS, Mary Diana 1825
Tales of To-Day ISAACS, Mrs 1816
Tales of Ton. Third Series M'LEOD, Miss E. H. 1822
Tales of Ton; the First Series M'LEOD, Miss E. H. 1821
Tales of Ton; the Second Series M'LEOD, Miss E. H. 1821
Tales of Truth ANON 1800
Tales of Welsh Society and Scenery ANWYL, Edward Trevor [pseud?] 1827
Tales of Woman ?SHOBERL, Frederick 1828
Return to top Tales of Wonder, of Humour, and of Sentiment PLUMPTRE, Annabella and PLUMPTRE, Anne 1818
Tales of Yore TAYLOR, William (trans.) 1810
Tales Original and Translated from the Spanish ANON 1810
Tales round a Winter Hearth PORTER, Anna Maria and PORTER, Jane 1826
Tales, by an Unwilling Author ANON 1822
Tales, by Madame de Montolieu MONTOLIEU, Pauline-Isabelle de Bottens, Baronne de 1805
Tales, by the O'Hara Family BANIM, John and BANIM, Michael 1825
Return to top Tales. Founded on Facts GRANT, Mary Anne 1820
Tales; Mournful, Mirthful, and Marvellous WELLS, Sarah Wilmot 1827
Talisman, The ANON 1804
Tankerville Family GREEN, Sarah 1808
Tears of Camphor, The GLYSTICUS, Henrico Fernandez [pseud.] 1804
Tell-Tale Sophas BATTERSBY, John 1814
Temper OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1812
Temptation JONES, George 1823
Terrific Tales LEWIS, Isabella 1804
Thaddeus of Warsaw PORTER, Jane 1803
Return to top Thatched Cottage, The WILKINSON, Sarah Scudgell 1806
Theodore; or, the Enthusiast ANON 1807
Theodore; or, the Peruvians PIGAULT-LEBRUN, Guillaume Charles Antoine ; W., E. (trans.) 1808
Theodosius de Zulvin MOORE, George 1802
There Is a Secret, Find It Out! MEEKE, Mary 1808
Theresa ANON 1815
Theresa Marchmont GORE, Catherine Grace Frances 1824
Things by their Right Names JACSON, Frances 1812
Think's-I-to-Myself NARES, Edward 1811
Return to top Thomas Fitz-Gerald O'TARA, Mac-Erin [pseud.] 1825
Thorn, The WARD, Catherine George 1819
Thornton Abbey SATCHELL, John 1806
Three Brothers, The PICKERSGILL, Joshua (jun.) 1803
Three Germans, The ?GUION, Miss 1807
Three Gil Blas, The LA MARTELIÈRE, Jean Henri Ferdinand 1804
Three Monks!!!, The GUÉNARD, Elisabeth ; SARRETT, H. J. (trans.) 1803
Three Old Maids of the House of Penruddock, The THOMAS, Elizabeth 1806
Three Perils of Man, The HOGG, James 1822
Return to top Three Perils of Woman, The HOGG, James 1823
Three Spaniards, The WALKER, George 1800
Three Weeks at Fladong's ANON 1817
Three Weeks in the Downs ANON 1829
Times Past ANON 1805
Times, The ANON 1811
To-Day in Ireland CROWE, Eyre Evans 1825
Tor Hill, The SMITH, Horatio 1826
Torrenwald ?HOWARD, Francis 1824
Tour to Purgatory and Back, A GLUMP, Humphrey [pseud.] 1816
Return to top Tourifications of Malachi Meldrum Esq. of Meldrum-Hall, The COUPER, Robert 1803
Tournay WILSON, James 1824
Tourville ?WYNDHAM, Revd 1800
Tower of Clanmalloch, The ANON 1828
Towers of Lothian, The ANON 1809
Towers of Ravenswold, The HITCHENER, William Henry 1813
Tracey the Poet ANON 1823
Tradition of the Castle, The ROCHE, Regina Maria 1824
Traditional Tales of the English and Scottish Peasantry CUNNINGHAM, Allan 1822
Tragic Tales BRYDGES, Sir Samuel Egerton 1820
Return to top Traits and Trials ANON 1821
Traits of Nature BURNEY, Sarah Harriet 1812
Traits of Travel GRATTAN, Thomas Colley 1829
Traveller's Tale of the Last Century, A SPENCE, Elizabeth Isabella 1819
Travellers, The KENDRICK, Tertius T. C. 1825
Travels of Sylvester Tramper through the Interior of the South of Africa, The WALKER, George 1813
Travels of Young Candid and Doctor Pangloss BARTON, James 1804
Treachery STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1815
Trecothick Bower ROCHE, Regina Maria 1814
Tremaine WARD, Robert Plumer 1825
Return to top Trevanion SMITH, Horatio 1801
Trials KELTY, Mary Ann 1824
Trials of Life, The GREY, Elizabeth Caroline 1829
Trials of Margaret Lyndsay, The WILSON, John 1823
Truckleborough Hall SCARGILL, William Pitt 1827
Truth ?SCARGILL, William Pitt 1826
Truth and Fashion R——N, F. 1825
Truth and Fiction GOOCH, Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real 1801
Truth in the Garb of Fiction ANON 1809
Twenty-Ninth of May, The PYNE, William Henry 1825
Return to top Two Girls of Eighteen ANON 1806
Two Marillos, The WEST, Miss [pseud?] 1804
Two Pilgrims, The ANON 1805
Two Rectors, The WILKINS, George 1824

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