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Oakes Profile British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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  Short Title Author Year
Sailor Boy, The ANON 1800
Sailors and Saints GLASCOCK, William Nugent 1829
Sailor's Friendship, and a Soldier's Love, A PORTER, Anna Maria 1805
Sailors, The SELDEN, Catherine 1800
Sainclair GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1808
Saint Hilary, the Crusader ANON 1808
Saint Patrick RENNIE, James 1819
Salathiel CROLY, George 1828
Salvador CROFFTS, Mrs 1801
Return to top Sancho CUNNINGHAM, John William 1816
Sandoval LLANOS GUTIERREZ, Valentin 1826
Sans Souci Park THARMOTT, Maria 1807
Santo Sebastiano CUTHBERTSON, Catherine 1806
Santos de Montenos TICKEN, William 1811
Sappho NOTT, John 1803
Saracen, The COTTIN, Sophie Ristaud 1805
Saragossa ARCHER, E. A. 1825
Sarsfield GAMBLE, John 1814
Saxon and the Gaël, The JOHNSTONE, Christian Isobel 1814
Return to top Sayings and Doings HOOK, Theodore Edward 1824
Sayings and Doings. Second Series HOOK, Theodore Edward 1825
Sayings and Doings. Third Series HOOK, Theodore Edward 1828
Says She to her Neighbour, What? HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1812
Scarlet Handkerchief, The SANSAY, Leonora 1823
Scenes at Brighton HOOLE, Innes 1821
Scenes in Feudal Times WILMOT, R. H. 1809
Scenes in Wales ANON 1802
Scenes of Life HARRAL, Thomas 1805
Scheming ANON 1821
Return to top School for Fashion, The THICKNESSE, Ann 1800
School for Mothers, The ANON 1823
School of Fashion, The ANON 1829
Schoolmistress, The HUNTER, Rachel 1811
Scotch Lawsuits WILSON, Ann 1812
Scotch Novel Reading GREEN, Sarah 1824
Scotchwoman, The HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1814
Scottish Adventurers, The MACNEILL, Hector 1812
Scottish Chiefs, The PORTER, Jane 1810
Scottish Legend, The CURTIES, T. J. Horsley 1802
Return to top Scourge of Conscience, The ANON 1801
Scrinium, The EDRIDGE, Rebecca 1822
Sea-Devil, The ROSE, Edward H. 1811
Second Love NORRIS, Mrs 1805
Secret Avengers HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1815
Secret Machinations HOOK, Sarah Ann 1804
Secret of the Cavern, The BURKE, Mrs 1805
Secret, The KELLY, Isabella 1805
Secrets in Every Mansion HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1818
Secrets Made Public BREWER, James Norris 1808
Return to top Secrets of the Castle CAREY, David 1806
Sectarian, The PICKEN, Andrew 1829
Seer of Tiviotdale, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1827
Self-Control BRUNTON, Mary 1811
Self-Deception PARKER, Emma 1816
Self-Delusion BLAIR, Mrs Alexander 1823
Self-Denial HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1827
Self-Indulgence BURY, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria 1812
Selina VENTUM, Harriet 1800
Sense and Sensibility AUSTEN, Jane 1811
Return to top Sentimental Anecdotes MONTOLIEU, Pauline-Isabelle de Bottens, Baronne de ; GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] (trans.) 1811
Sentimental Journey through Margate and Hastings, A ANON 1819
Sephora OLIVER, Mrs N. W. 1826
Sequel to Coelebs, A ANON 1812
Sequel to the Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, A CORP, Harriet 1809
Seraphina BURNEY, Caroline [pseud?] 1809
Serena SELDEN, Catherine 1800
Set-Down at Court, A ?BAYLEY, Catharine 1812
Seventy-Six NEAL, John 1823
Return to top Shades of Character WOODROOFFE, Anne 1824
She Lives in Hopes HATFIELD, Miss S. 1801
She Thinks for Herself HUGHES, Mrs ?Harriet 1813
She Would Be a Heroine GRIFFITH, Sophia 1816
Sherwood Forest GOOCH, Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real 1804
Shipwreck, The EDGEWORTH, Theodore 1811
Short Story, A ANON 1800
Sibyl's Warning, The BALL, Edward 1822
Sicilian Mysteries HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1812
Sidney Romelee HALE, Sarah Josepha Buell 1827
Return to top Siege of Kenilworth, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1824
Siege of Rochelle GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de ; DALLAS, Robert Charles (trans.) 1808
Siegwart MILLER, Johann Martin ; HAWKINS, Laetitia-Matilda (trans.) 1806
Silvanella ANON 1812
Simple Narrative, A ANON 1806
Simple Tales OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1806
Sincerity ?TAYLOR, Jane 1824
Sinclair PILKINGTON, Mary 1809
Return to top Singularity HARVEY, Jane 1822
Sintram and his Companions FOUQUÉ, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Baron de la Motte ; HARE, Julius Charles (trans.) 1820
Sir Andrew Sagittarius ANON 1824
Sir Andrew Wylie, of that Ilk GALT, John 1822
Sir Ferdinand of England BREWER, James Norris 1813
Sir Francis Darrell DALLAS, Robert Charles 1820
Sir Gilbert Easterling BREWER, James Norris 1813
Sir James the Ross ANON 1818
Sir John Chiverton AINSWORTH, William Harrison ?and ASTON, John Partington 1826
Sir Michael Scott CUNNINGHAM, Allan 1828
Sir Owen Glendowr HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1808
Sir Philip Gasteneys GRESLEY, Roger 1829
Sir Ralph de Bigod MOORE, Edward 1811
Sir Roland FORRESTER, Charles Robert 1827
Sir William Dorien SYKES, Henrietta 1812
Sister, The LEFANU, Elizabeth 1810
Sisters of St Gothard, The BROWN, Elizabeth Cullen 1819
Sisters: A Novel, The MOORE, Alicia 1821
Return to top Sisters; a Domestic Tale, The HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1813
Six Weeks at Long's BARRETT, Eaton Stannard 1817
Six Weeks in Paris JERDAN, William 1817
Sketch of her Own Circle RUSSELL, Miss 1823
Sketches of Character ?SMITH, Orton 1808
Sketches of Irish Character HALL, Anna Maria 1829
Smugglers, The ANON 1820
Society and Solitude HOOLE, Innes 1821
Soldier Boy, The ANON 1801
Soldier of Fortune, The ASHE, Thomas 1816
Return to top Soldier of Pennaflor, The ANON 1810
Soldier's Child, The RICHARDSON, Charlotte Caroline 1821
Soldier's Cottage, The LAWLER, Dennis 1808
Soldier's Family, The ORMSBY, Anne 1807
Soldiers of Venezuela, The ANON 1818
Soldier's Offspring, A PARKER, Emma 1810
Soldier's Orphan, The COSTELLO, Mrs 1809
Some Account of Myself FIELDING, James Holroyd 1817
Some Account of the Life of the Late Gilbert Earle, Esq. SAINT LEGER, Francis Barry Boyle 1824
Some Passages in the Life of Mr Adam Blair Minister of the Gospel at Cross-Meikle LOCKHART, John Gibson 1822
Return to top Something New PLUMPTRE, Anne 1801
Something Odd! MEEKE, Mary 1804
Something Strange MEEKE, Mary 1806
Son and the Nephew, The WARD, Catherine George 1814
Son of O'Donnel, The ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1819
Son of the Storm, The SIDDONS, Henry 1809
Sons of Altringham, The PALMER, Alicia Tyndal 1811
Sons of St David, The GRIFFITHS, Griffiths ap 1816
Sons of the Viscount, and the Daughters of the Earl, The DAVENPORT, Selina 1813
Sophia ANON 1818
Return to top Sophia de Lissau BRISTOW, Amelia 1826
Sophia St Clare DENNIS, Thomasine 1806
Sorrows of Eliza, The BAYLES, Robert B. 1810
Sorrows of Gustavus, The KRÜDENER, Barbara Juliane von 1808
Spaewife, The GALT, John 1823
Spaniard, The RYMER, M. 1806
Spanish Campaign, The MEEKE, Mary 1815
Spanish Daughter, The BUTT, George 1824
Spanish Lady, The ?BAYLEY, Catharine 1810
Spanish Outlaw, The HERBERT, William 1807
Return to top Spanish Tales LAYTON, Jemima 1816
Spectre of Lanmere Abbey, The WILKINSON, Sarah Scudgell 1820
Spectre of the Forest, The MACHENRY, James 1824
Spectre of the Mountain of Grenada, The ANON 1811
Spinster's Journal, The BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1816
Spinster's Tale, The WINGROVE, Ann 1801
Spirit of "The Book", The ASHE, Thomas 1811
Spirit of the Castle, The PROBY, William Charles 1800
Spirit of Turretville, The ANON 1800
Splendid Follies ANON 1810
Return to top Splendid Misery SURR, Thomas Skinner 1801
Splendour of Adversity, The ANON 1814
Spy Unmasked, The BARNUM, H. L. 1829
Spy, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1822
St Aubin STEWART, Janet 1821
St Botolph's Priory CURTIES, T. J. Horsley 1806
St Bride's Manor ANON 1811
St Clair of the Isles HELME, Elizabeth 1803
St Clair; or, the Heiress of Desmond OWENSON, Sydney [afterwards MORGAN, Lady Sydney] 1803
St Clyde ANON 1816
Return to top St Godwin DUBOIS, Edward 1800
St Hubert ANON 1825
St Irvyne SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe 1811
St Johnstoun LOGAN, Eliza 1823
St Julian SERRES, Olivia Wilmot [née WILMOT, Olivia] 1805
St Justin BOUVERIE, Sophia 1808
St Kathleen SUTHERLAND, Alexander 1820
St Leonard's Forest HITCHENER, William Henry 1813
St Margaret's Cave HELME, Elizabeth 1801
St Mary's Abbey ANON 1801
Return to top St Ostberg HORWOOD, Caroline 1811
St Ronan's Well SCOTT, Sir Walter 1824
Stanley Tales, The MARTEN, Ambrose 1826
Stanmore REEVE, Sophia 1824
Steam-Boat, The GALT, John 1822
Stella of the North CRAIK, Helen 1802
Stories after Nature WELLS, Charles Jeremiah 1822
Stories for Calumniators TROTTER, John Bernard 1809
Stories for the Christmas Tree ANON 1826
Stories of a Bride LOUDON, Jane C. 1829
Return to top Stories of Chivalry and Romance ANON 1827
Stories of the Four Nations SYKES, Henrietta 1813
Stories of Waterloo MAXWELL, William Hamilton 1829
Story of a Life, The SHERER, Joseph Moyle 1825
Story of a Wanderer, The DYER, Robert 1826
Story of Isabel, The KELTY, Mary Ann 1826
Stranger of the Valley ?HALE, Sarah Josepha Buell 1826
Stranger, The ANON 1806
Stranger's Grave, The GLEIG, George Robert 1823
Strangers of Lindenfeldt, The ROSS, Mrs 1813
Return to top Strangers of the Glen, The JONES, Hannah Maria 1827
Strangers, The NORRIS, Mrs 1806
Stratagems Defeated MEEKE, Mary 1811
Strathallan LEFANU, Alicia 1816
Strathbogie M'GENNIS, Alicia 1817
Strathmay SCOTT, Honoria [pseud?] 1813
Stratton Hill CARNE, John 1829
Striking Likenesses STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1808
Strolling Player, The ?LUCAS, Charles 1802
Subaltern, The GLEIG, George Robert 1825
Return to top Subaltern's Log Book, The ANON 1828
Submission Exemplified ANON 1818
Substance and Shadow ANON 1812
Such Is the World ANON 1821
Suffolk Tale, A ROCHE, John Hamilton 1810
Summer at Brighton, A YOUNG, Mary Julia 1807
Summer at Weymouth, A YOUNG, Mary Julia 1808
Summer by the Sea, A ORLANDO [pseud.] 1807
Sungrove Abbey DOUGLAS, Mrs 1825
Supreme Bon Ton JONES, George 1820
Return to top Susan ANON 1809
Swedish Mysteries ?KIDDERSLAW, Johanson [pseud?]; MACKENZIE, Anna Maria (trans?) 1801
Swiss Emigrants, The MURRAY, Hugh 1804
Sympathy in Search of Peace at Home GASCOIGNE, Henry Barnet 1821
System and No System BENSON, Maria 1815
System, The TONNA, Charlotte Elizabeth 1827

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