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  Short Title Author Year
Romance of the Castle ELSON, Jane 1800
Rival Mothers, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1800
Rimualdo IRELAND, Samuel William Henry 1800
Runaway, The SMITH, Horatio 1800
Ruthinglenne KELLY, Isabella 1801
Raymond SICKELMORE, Richard 1801
Romance of Smyrna, The YORKE, Mrs R. P. M. 1801
Reprobate, The LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; CHARLTON, Mary (trans.) 1802
Return to top Rules of the Forest, The OAKES, Susanna 1802
Remorseless Assassin, The BARTON, James 1803
Romance of the Pyrenees CUTHBERTSON, Catherine 1803
Russian Tales KARAMZIN, Nikolai Mikhailovich ; ELRINGTON, John Battersby (trans.) 1803
Reginal Di Torby SIDDONS, Henry 1803
Right and Wrong YOUNG, Mary Julia 1803
Reformed Reprobate, The ANON 1804
Rake and the Misanthrope, The LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; CHARLTON, Mary (trans.) 1804
Return to top Rival Chiefs, The MILLIKIN, Anna 1804
Rosetta ANON 1805
Rodolphus of Werdenberg LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1805
Rashleigh Abbey SICKELMORE, Richard 1805
Rosa WOODFALL, Sophia 1805
Retribution ANON 1807
Rising Sun, The BARRETT, Eaton Stannard 1807
Royal Eclipse, The DIOGENES [pseud.] 1807
Red Tyger, The ANON 1808
R——L Stranger, The ANON 1808
Return to top Romance of the Appennines, The ANON 1808
Royal Legend, The ANON 1808
Riches and Poverty BARRELL, Miss P. 1808
Ronaldsha DOHERTY, Ann 1808
Rebecca HOLBROOK, Ann Catherine 1808
Royal Intrigues HURSTONE, J. P. 1808
Romantic Tales LEWIS, Matthew Gregory 1808
Ring and the Well, The ?MERIVALE, John Herman 1808
Ruins of Rigonda, The ST VICTOR, Helen [pseud?] 1808
Rosa in London ANON 1809
Return to top Romance of the Hebrides, The LATHOM, Francis 1809
Royal Sufferer, The AGG, John 1810
Ruins of Tivoli, The CLIFFORD, Frances 1810
Romance of the Highlands, The DARLING, Peter Middleton 1810
Reformist!!!, The GREEN, Sarah 1810
Romance Readers and Romance Writers GREEN, Sarah 1810
Royal Exile, The GREEN, Sarah 1810
Refusal, The WEST, Jane 1810
Rhydisel ?JOHNSTONE, Anthony Gregory 1811
Rudolph and Adelaide MARCHANT, M. A. 1811
Return to top Rosalie RHODES, Henrietta 1811
Raphael LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; GREEN, Sarah (trans.) 1812
Rosamund WATSON, Miss 1812
Ruins of Selinunti ANON 1813
Read, and Give It a Name LLEWELLYN, Mrs 1813
Records of a Noble Family HARVEY, Jane 1814
Rosanne HAWKINS, Laetitia-Matilda 1814
Recluse of Norway, The PORTER, Anna Maria 1814
Royal Wanderer, or the Exile of England, The ALGERNON [pseud.] 1815
Return to top Romantic Facts ANON 1816
Rhoda JACSON, Frances 1816
Reft Rob ANON 1817
Revealer of Secrets, The ANON 1817
Royal Brides, The BRAMBLE, Robert [pseud.] 1817
Rosabella CUTHBERTSON, Catherine 1817
Rachel TAYLOR, Jane 1817
Rob Roy SCOTT, Sir Walter 1818
Robertina WARD, Catherine George 1818
Robin Hood ?EDWARDS, Mr 1819
Return to top Redmond the Rebel SUTHERLAND, Alexander 1819
Recluse of Albyn Hall, The WENTWORTH, Zara 1819
Royal Wanderer, or Secret Memoirs of Caroline, The BARRON, Edward 1820
Retreat, The HEDGE, Mary Ann 1820
Rector's Memorandum Book, The KING, Frances Elizabeth 1820
Rose of Claremont, The WARD, Catherine George 1820
Recluse, The ARLINCOURT, Charles Vicomte d' 1821
Real Life in Ireland ?EGAN, Pierce 1821
Real Life in London EGAN, Pierce 1821
Rank and Fashion! FRERE, Benjamin 1821
Return to top Rolando HENRY, Alexander 1821
Ruling Passion, The SIDNEY, Philip Francis (trans?) 1821
Republican's Mistress, The SMITH, Charlotte 1821
Retrospection TAYLOR, Ann 1821
Renegade, The ARLINCOURT, Charles Vicomte d' 1822
Rhodomaldi FLETCHER, Grenville 1822
Reformation ?HACK, Mrs William 1822
Refugees, The HARDING, Anne Raikes 1822
Roche-Blanche PORTER, Anna Maria 1822
Ringan Gilhaize GALT, John 1823
Return to top Reginald Dalton LOCKHART, John Gibson 1823
Ricardo the Outlaw SIMPSON, John 1823
Rich and Poor WALKER, Anne 1823
Relapse, The ANON 1824
Revelations of the Dead-Alive BANIM, John 1824
Rosaline de Vere DILLON, Henry Augustus Dillon-Lee, Viscount 1824
Rosalviva FLETCHER, Grenville 1824
Rothelan GALT, John 1824
Redgauntlet SCOTT, Sir Walter 1824
Redwood SEDGWICK, Catharine Maria 1824
Return to top Rameses UPHAM, Edward 1824
Reine Canziani GODWIN, Catherine Grace 1825
Realities, Not a Novel HARDING, Anne Raikes 1825
Refugee, The JONES, James Athearn 1825
Runnemede STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1825
Robber Chieftain, The STEPHENS, Nella 1825
Rebel, The ANON 1826
Recollections of a Pedestrian BOSWELL, Thomas Alexander 1826
Richelieu; or, the Broken Heart ?GORE, Catherine Grace Frances 1826
Reflection HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1826
Return to top Rambles of Redbury Rook, The WOOD, George 1826
Roman Catholic Priest, The ANON 1827
Romances and Tales for the Winter Fire-Side ANON 1827
Red Rover, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1827
Ruins of Ruthvale Abbey, The HAYNES, Miss C. D. [afterwards GOLLAND, Mrs C. D.] 1827
Rockavon JONES, E. H. de St Pierre [pseud?] 1827
Rosaline Woodbridge JONES, Hannah Maria 1827
Reuben Aspley SMITH, Horatio 1827
Richmond ?SURR, Thomas Skinner 1827
Ringrove WEST, Jane 1827
Return to top Rector of Overton, The ANON 1828
Roué, The BEAZLEY, Samuel 1828
Red Barn, The ?HUISH, Robert or ?MAGINN, William 1828
Romance of History, The NEELE, Henry 1828
Reay Morden ANON 1829
Reginald Trevor ANWYL, Edward Trevor [pseud?] 1829
Retrospections BUNBURY, Selina 1829
Romances of Real Life GORE, Catherine Grace Frances 1829
Rivals, The GRIFFIN, Gerald Joseph 1829
Return to top Rybrent de Cruce HEAD, Catharine 1829
Richelieu, a Tale of France JAMES, George Payne Rainsford 1829
Restalrig LOGAN, Eliza 1829
Rank and Talent SCARGILL, William Pitt 1829
Rockite, The TONNA, Charlotte Elizabeth 1829

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