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  Short Title Author Year
Pacococo ANON 1829
Paired—Not Matched ROSS, Mrs 1815
Pandurang Hari HOCKLEY, William Browne 1826
Papa Brick SEWRIN, Charles Augustin de Bassompierre 1804
Paraclete, The LATHY, Thomas Pike 1805
Parents and Wives GREEN, Sarah 1825
Parish Priest in Ireland, The HILLARY, Joseph 1818
Passion TIGHE, Hugh Usher 1822
Passions, The DACRE, Charlotte 1811
Return to top Past Events CHARLTON, Mary 1824
Pastor's Daughter, The KOTZEBUE, August Friedrich Ferdinand von 1807
Pastor's Fire-Side, The PORTER, Jane 1817
Pastor's Tales, The BUNBURY, Selina 1826
Patience HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1824
Patience and Perseverance HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1813
Patriarchal Times O'KEEFFE, Adelaide 1811
Patronage EDGEWORTH, Maria 1814
Paul Jones CUNNINGHAM, Allan 1826
Pavilion, The AGG, John 1817
Return to top Paywicke ANON 1826
Peace Campaigns of a Cornet BEAMISH, North Ludlow 1829
Peasant of Ardenne Forest, The PARSONS, Eliza 1801
Peep at our Ancestors, A MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1807
Peep at the Pilgrims in Sixteen Hundred Thirty-Six, A CHENEY, Harriet Vaughan Foster 1825
Peep at the Theatres!, A ANON 1812
Peep at the World, A SINCLAIR, Harvey [pseud?] 1804
Peep into the Thuilleries, A SOUZA-BOTELHO, Adélaide Marie Emilie, Marquise de 1811
Pelham BULWER LYTTON, Edward George 1828
Pen Owen HOOK, James 1822
Return to top Penelope ?SCARGILL, William Pitt 1828
Percival DALLAS, Robert Charles 1801
Percy Mallory HOOK, James 1824
Peregrine LYTTLETON, Mr 1803
Peter Schlemihl CHAMISSO, Adelbert von ; BOWRING, Sir John (trans.) 1823
Petrarch and Laura GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de ; STRUTT, Elizabeth [formerly BYRON, Elizabeth] (trans.) 1820
Petticoat Tales CORBETT, Marion and CORBETT, Margaret 1823
Return to top Peveril of the Peak SCOTT, Sir Walter 1822
Philip Colville KENNEDY, Grace 1825
Philip Stanley BROWN, Charles Brockden 1807
Philosophic Kidnapper, The CHARLTON, Mary (trans?) 1803
Philosophical Wanderers, The BIGLAND, John 1811
Physiognomist, The LESTER, Elizabeth B. 1818
Piccadilly Ambulator, The HURSTONE, J. P. 1808
Picture from Life, A WHITFIELD, Henry 1804
Picture of Society, A ANON 1813
Picture of the Age, The ANON 1800
Return to top Pictures, The TIECK, Johann Ludwig ; THIRWALL, Connop (trans.) 1825
Pierre and Adeline HAYNES, D. F. 1814
Pilgrim of the Cross, The HELME, Elizabeth 1805
Pilot, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1824
Pine Tree Dell, The HAWORTH, Euphrasia Fanny 1827
Pioneers, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1823
Pirate of Naples, The CHARLTON, Mary 1801
Pirate, The SCOTT, Sir Walter 1822
Placide GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de ; JAMIESON, Alexander (trans.) 1817
Plain Story, A LESLIE, Mrs 1801
Plain Tales ROCHE, Mrs 1814
Plantagenet MILLIKIN, Anna 1802
Pleasure and Pain WESTON, Anna Maria 1814
Pleasures of Friendship, The ANON 1823
Pleasures of Want, The ANON 1819
Pneumanee ANON 1814
Polanders, the Lying Family, and the Life of my Uncle, with his Portfolio, The PIGAULT-LEBRUN, Guillaume Charles Antoine 1805
Polish Bandit, The LATHOM, Francis 1824
Return to top Polish Chieftain, The ?ZSCHOKKE, Johann Heinrich 1806
Ponsonby ANON 1817
Popular Tales EDGEWORTH, Maria 1804
Popularity ANON 1814
Post-Captain, The DAVIS, John 1806
Prairie, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1827
Precaution COOPER, James Fenimore 1821
Precipitance MEMES, Mrs John Smythe 1823
Preference DAVENPORT, Selina 1824
Prejudice D'ARCY, Azilé 1817
Return to top Present Times and Modern Manners ANON 1810
Pride and Prejudice AUSTEN, Jane 1813
Pride of Ancestry, The ?THOMSON, Anna or ?THOMSON, Harriet 1804
Priest, The ANON 1821
Prima Donna, The BECKE, Richard 1828
Prince, The ANON 1816
Principle and Passion ANON 1819
Principle! M'LEOD, Miss E. H. 1824
Prior Claim, The ILIFF, Maria 1813
Return to top Priory of Saint Mary, The ST HILAIRE, Bridget 1810
Prison of Montauban, The SMITH, Julia 1810
Prison-House, The THOMAS, Elizabeth 1814
Private History of the Court of England, The GREEN, Sarah 1808
Private Life MACKENZIE, Mary Jane 1829
Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, The HOGG, James 1824
Privateer, The ANON 1821
Prize in the Lottery, The CHIARI, Pietro ; WHITE, Thomas Evanson (trans.) 1817
Procrastination ANON 1824
Return to top Prodigious!!! ANON 1818
Profligate Mother, The H––, Miss 1810
Profligate Prince, The ANON 1812
Prophecy of Duncannon GREEN, William Child 1824
Prophetess, The BRODIE, Alexander 1826
Protestant, The BRAY, Anna Eliza 1828
Provincials, The ANON 1818
Provost, The GALT, John 1822
Prudence and Principle ?TAYLOR, Jane 1821
Purity of Heart THOMAS, Elizabeth 1816
Return to top Puzzled and Pleased LATHOM, Francis 1822
Pyrenean Banditti SLEATH, Eleanor 1811

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