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Oakes Profile British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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  Short Title Author Year
Napoleon PECK, Frances 1826
Natchez, The CHATEAUBRIAND, François René, Vicomte de 1827
National Feeling ANON 1821
National Tales HOOD, Thomas 1827
Nature BYERLEY, John Scott 1803
Naval Officer, The MARRYAT, Frederick 1829
Naval Sketch-Book GLASCOCK, William Nugent 1826
Necromancer, The DUTTON, Thomas (trans?) 1819
Ned Bentley AMPHLETT, James 1808
Return to top Ned Clinton GLASSE, Francis 1825
Neighbourhood, The ANON 1800
Neville Castle PURBECK, Jane 1802
Neville Family, The DESPOURRINS, M. 1814
New Aera, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1819
New Forest, The SMITH, Horatio 1829
New Landlord's Tales ANON 1825
New Tales OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1818
New Tales by Mrs Wilkinson WILKINSON, Sarah Scudgell 1819
New-England Tale, A SEDGWICK, Catharine Maria 1822
Return to top Newminster Abbey ANON 1808
Nice Distinctions DRISCOLL, Miss 1820
Night Watch, The ANON 1828
Nightmare Abbey PEACOCK, Thomas Love 1818
Nine Days' Wonder, The MEEKE, Mary 1804
No Enthusiasm ANON 1822
No Fiction REED, Andrew 1819
Nobility of the Heart, The SPENCE, Elizabeth Isabella 1805
Nobility Run Mad ANON 1802
Noble Cornutos, The ?HURSTONE, J. P. 1808
Return to top Noble Wanderers, The ANON 1802
Nobleman and his Steward, The TAYLOR, Miss 1803
Nocturnal Minstrel, The SLEATH, Eleanor 1810
Nocturnal Visit ROCHE, Regina Maria 1800
Normanburn ANON 1819
Northanger Abbey: And Persuasion AUSTEN, Jane 1818
Northern Irish Tales GAMBLE, John 1818
Nothing New ANON 1803
Notoriety CASTIGATOR [pseud.] 1812
November Nights DEACON, William Frederick 1826
Return to top Novice of Saint Dominick, The OWENSON, Sydney [afterwards MORGAN, Lady Sydney] 1806
Novice of Saint Ursula, The DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume 1810
Novice; or, the Heir of Montgomery Castle, The PILKINGTON, Mary 1814
Novice; or, the Man of Integrity, The PICARD, Louis Benoit 1825
Nubilia in Search of a Husband MUDFORD, William 1809
Nun and her Daughter, The ?CRAIK, Helen 1805
Nun of Arrouca, The RUSSELL, Lord John 1822
Nun of Miserecordia, The FRANCES, Sophia 1807
Nun of Santa Maria di Tindaro, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1818
Nuns of the Desert, The LEWIS, Alethea Brereton 1805

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