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Oakes Profile British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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  Short Title Author Year
Midsummer Eve ANON 1800
Mysterious Penitent, The ANON 1800
Monk of the Grotto, The ?BRAYER DE SAINT-LÉON, Louise Marguerite 1800
Miriam FOSTER, Mrs E. M. 1800
Memoirs of Modern Philosophers HAMILTON, Elizabeth 1800
Mourtray Family, The HERVEY, Elizabeth 1800
Mystery LATHOM, Francis 1800
Mistake, The LITTLEJOHN, P. 1800
Mordaunt MOORE, John 1800
Return to top Miser and his Family, The PARSONS, Eliza 1800
Mary-Jane SICKELMORE, Richard 1800
Monastery of Gondolfo, The ANON 1801
Moral Legacy, The ANON 1801
Mysterious Friendship ANON 1801
Moral Tales for Young People EDGEWORTH, Maria 1801
Man of Fortitude, The FRERE, Benjamin 1801
Microcosm, The LEWIS, Alethea Brereton 1801
Mysterious Husband MEEKE, Mary 1801
My Uncle Thomas PIGAULT-LEBRUN, Guillaume Charles Antoine 1801
Return to top Martyn of Fenrose SUMMERSETT, Henry 1801
Marvellous Pleasant Love-Story, A WRIGHT, Elizabeth 1801
Massouf ANON 1802
Mysteries of Abruzzo, The ANON 1802
Memoirs of Alfred Berkley CORRY, John 1802
Minerva Castle HARVEY, Jane 1802
Martin & Mansfeldt MACKENZIE, Anna Maria 1802
Miralba MALARME, Charlotte de Bournon 1802
Midnight Weddings MEEKE, Mary 1802
Memoirs of a Family in Swisserland ORMSBY, Anne 1802
Return to top Mysterious Visit, The PARSONS, Eliza 1802
Monckton SANDS, James 1802
Malvina COTTIN, Sophie Ristaud ; GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] (trans.) 1803
Miranda HOLSTEN, Esther 1803
Modern Incident in Domestic Life, A KELLY, Isabella 1803
Mysterious Count, The KER, Anne 1803
Mount Pausillyppo MONTJOIE, Félix Louis Christophe 1803
Monsieur Botte PIGAULT-LEBRUN, Guillaume Charles Antoine 1803
Margaret of Strafford ?STAËL-HOLSTEIN, Anne Louise Germaine de 1803
Return to top Maids as They Are Not, and Wives as They Are THOMAS, Elizabeth 1803
Moss Cliff Abbey YOUNG, Mary Julia 1803
Mad Dog, The ANON 1804
Mother and Daughter, The BERTHIER, J. B. C. ; YOUNG, Mary Julia (trans.) 1804
Modern Literature BISSET, Robert 1804
Modern Faults KER, Anne 1804
Memoirs of Henry Lenox LENOX, Miss [pseud.] 1804
Murray House PARSONS, Eliza 1804
Memoirs of M. De Brinboc ANON 1805
Return to top Mysterious Father, The ANON 1805
Mysterious Protector, The ANON 1805
Mental Recreations ANDERSON, Andreas 1805
Mysterious Visitor, The CECIL, Henry Montague 1805
Morlands, The DALLAS, Robert Charles 1805
Modern Griselda, The EDGEWORTH, Maria 1805
Memoirs of Bryan Perdue HOLCROFT, Thomas 1805
Monteith RICE, Mrs 1805
Men and Women ?WYNDHAM, Revd 1805
My Master's Secret YORKE, Mrs R. P. M. 1805
Return to top Mysterious Sisters, The ANON 1806
Madame de Maintenon GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1806
Moreland Manor KENDALL, Mrs A. 1806
Mysterious Freebooter, The LATHOM, Francis 1806
Mystic Sepulchre, The PALMER, John 1806
Maid, Wife, and Widow, The SIDDONS, Henry 1806
Montbrasil Abbey STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1806
Mandeville Castle ANON 1807
Margaretta ANON 1807
Monk of Udolpho, The CURTIES, T. J. Horsley 1807
Return to top Monk of Dissentis, The LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; POWELL, James (trans.) 1807
Man in Armour, The LONEY, T. C. 1807
Mysterious Wanderer, The REEVE, Sophia 1807
Mask of Fashion, The ?SEDLEY, Charles [pseud?] 1807
Misanthrope Father, The SMITH, Catherine 1807
Marianna ANON 1808
Master Passion, The ANON 1808
Memoirs of Female Philosophers ANON 1808
Monks and the Robbers, The ANON 1808
Return to top Mystery upon Mystery ANON 1808
Miss-Led General, The BARRETT, Eaton Stannard 1808
Murderer, The BOUNDEN, Joseph 1808
Mountville Castle BREWER, James Norris 1808
Memoirs of Maria CAVENDISH-BRADSHAW, Mary Ann 1808
Mysterious Gentleman Farmer, The CORRY, John 1808
Match Girl, The EDGEWORTH, Mrs 1808
Man of Sorrow, The HOOK, Theodore Edward 1808
Modern Characters MONTAGUE, Edward 1808
Montoni MORTIMER, Edward [pseud?] 1808
Return to top Maid of Avon, The PECK, Frances 1808
Mysterious Baron, The RATCLIFFE, Eliza [pseud?] 1808
Margiana SYKES, Henrietta 1808
Monk and the Vine-Dresser, The ANON 1809
Manfroné ?RADCLIFFE, Mary Anne or ?KER, Louisa Theresa Bellenden 1809
Modern Times; or, Anecdotes of the English Family LIPSCOMB, George 1809
Matilda Montfort PEREGRINE, Peter [pseud.] 1809
Mysterious Florentine, The SINCLAIR, Caroline 1809
Monte Video THOMAS, Elizabeth 1809
Return to top Madness the Rage ANON 1810
Man of Sensibility, The ANON 1810
Mac Dermot AGG, John 1810
Miseries of an Heiress, The HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1810
Mysteries of the Forest, The HOUGHTON, Mary 1810
Mysteries of Ferney Castle, The ?LAMBE, George 1810
Mountain Chief, The ANON 1811
Metropolis; or, a Cure for Gaming, The BARRETT, Eaton Stannard 1811
Mysterious Hand, The CRANDOLPH, Augustus Jacob 1811
Montalva HAMILTON, Ann Mary 1811
Return to top Married Life HOWARD, Miss 1811
Missionary: An Indian Tale, The OWENSON, Sydney [afterwards MORGAN, Lady Sydney] 1811
Mortimer Hall THOMAS, Elizabeth 1811
Montgomery ANON 1812
My Own Times ANON 1812
Marian BENGER, Elizabeth Ogilvy 1812
Martyrs, The CHATEAUBRIAND, François René, Vicomte de ; WALTER, W. Joseph (trans.) 1812
Monk's Daughter, The HAMILTON, Ann Mary 1812
Memoirs of an Author HARVEY, Jane 1812
Return to top Magdalen HELME, Elizabeth 1812
Modern Kate, The HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1812
Milesian Chief, The MATURIN, Charles Robert 1812
Malcolm Douglas MAXWELL, Caroline 1812
Matrimony MEEKE, Mary 1812
Memoirs of a Princess SERRES, Olivia Wilmot [née WILMOT, Olivia] 1812
Maiden Wife, The HAMILTON, Ann Mary 1813
Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff HOGG, Thomas Jefferson 1813
Miser Married, The HUTTON, Catherine [also Catharine] 1813
Mount Erin POTTER, Matilda 1813
Return to top Monastery of St Columb, The ROCHE, Regina Maria 1813
Marchioness!!!, The ROSS, Mrs 1813
My Native Land WARD, Catherine George 1813
Month in Town, A AGG, John 1814
Mansfield Park AUSTEN, Jane 1814
Montreithe BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1814
Mornton CULLEN, Margaret 1814
Mistress of Royalty, The EGAN, Pierce 1814
Modern Times; or, the Age We Live in HELME, Elizabeth 1814
Merchant's Widow and her Family, The HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1814
Return to top Milford House LOFTUS, George 1814
Mystery and Confidence PINCHARD, Elizabeth 1814
Modern Calypso, The ROSS, Mrs 1814
Madelina STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1814
Miseries and Pleasures of Matrimony, The ANON 1815
Month at Brussels, A AGG, John 1815
Maria; or, the Hollanders BUONAPARTE, LOUIS ; KENDALL, Edward Augustus (trans.) 1815
Memoirs of an Old Wig FENTON, Richard 1815
Majolo, The GALT, John 1815
Return to top Magic of Wealth, The SURR, Thomas Skinner 1815
Memoirs of the Villars Family WEEKS, Harriett Waller 1815
Malvern Hills ANON 1816
Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell and his Children ANON 1816
Mehaled and Sedli DALBERG, Johann Friedrich Hugo von 1816
Melmoth House JENNER, Mrs J. 1816
Mary and Fanny JUVENIS [pseud.] 1816
Matron of Erin, The KELLY, Mrs 1816
Memoirs of Myself TEMPLE, Edmond 1816
Modern Manners ANON 1817
Return to top Memoirs of the Montague Family ENNIS, Alicia Margaret 1817
Mandeville. A Tale of the Seventeenth Century in England GODWIN, William 1817
Montague Newburgh MANT, Alicia Catherine 1817
Mysteries of Hungary, The MOORE, Edward 1817
Manners MOORE, Frances 1817
Melincourt PEACOCK, Thomas Love 1817
Maria, a Domestic Tale ST GEORGE, Catherine 1817
Mandeville; or, the Last Words of a Maniac! ANON 1818
Maid of Killarney, The BRONTË, Patrick 1818
Marriage FERRIER, Susan Edmonstone 1818
Return to top Melcombe Lodge ANON 1819
Metropolis, The ANON 1819
My Old Cousin ANON 1819
Maurice and Berghetta PARNELL, William 1819
Mystery; or, Forty Years Ago, The GASPEY, Thomas 1820
Melmoth the Wanderer MATURIN, Charles Robert 1820
Munster Cottage Boy, The ROCHE, Regina Maria 1820
Monastery, The SCOTT, Sir Walter 1820
Mysterious Marriage, The WARD, Catherine George 1820
Maurice Powell ANON 1821
Return to top Memoirs of a Man of Fashion ANON 1821
Midnight Wanderer, The CAMPBELL, Margaret 1821
Minstrel-Love FOUQUÉ, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Baron de la Motte ; SOANE, George (trans.) 1821
Macgrigor and Clarendon GORDON, Alexander 1821
Maria; a Tale of a Southern Valley ANON 1822
Malpas BENNET, William 1822
Marian de Brittoon DE RENZY, S. Sparow 1822
Moscow MAINWARING, Mrs M. 1822
Madeline OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1822
Return to top Maid Marian PEACOCK, Thomas Love 1822
May You Like It TAYLER, Charles Benjamin 1822
Mammon in London ANON 1823
Maria; or, a Shandean Journey of a Young Lady ANON 1823
Modes of Life ANON 1823
Mountalyth HARVEY, Jane 1823
Martha REED, Andrew 1823
Macrimmon SUTHERLAND, Alexander 1823
Mysteries of St Clair, The WARD, Catherine George 1823
Memoirs of Captain Rock MOORE, Thomas 1824
Return to top Much to Blame ?OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1824
Missionary, The ANON 1825
Massenburg CADELL, Cecilia Mary 1825
Magic Ring, The FOUQUÉ, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Baron de la Motte ; GILLIES, Robert Pierce (trans.) 1825
Manderville; or, the Hibernian Chiliarch HIGGINSON, Francis S. 1825
Moderation HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1825
Mystery Developed, The M'DERMOT, Martin 1825
Mariamne OGLE, Nathaniel 1825
Matilda PHIPPS, Constantine Henry, Marquis of Normanby 1825
Return to top My Grandmother's Guests and their Tales SLINGSBY, Henry 1825
Montville ANON 1826
Moss-Troopers, The ANON 1826
Miriam; or, the Power of Truth ANLEY, Charlotte 1826
Mysterious Monk, The BOLEN, C. A. 1826
Marriage of the Favourite, The PICKERING, Ellen 1826
Mr Blount's MSS SAINT LEGER, Francis Barry Boyle 1826
Mummy!, The LOUDON, Jane C. 1827
Military Sketch-Book, The ?MAGINN, William 1827
Michael, the Married Man WOODROOFFE, Anne 1827
Return to top Marcella ANON 1828
Marly ANON 1828
Mortimers, The ANON 1828
Man of Two Lives, The BOADEN, James 1828
Montauban and the Monk Hilario FITZ-GEORGE, George [pseud?] 1828
Marriage in High Life, A SCOTT, Lady Caroline Lucy 1828
Mary Harland STRUTT, Elizabeth [formerly BYRON, Elizabeth] 1828
My Grandfather's Farm ALEXANDER, Gabriel 1829
My Foster Brother BUNBURY, Selina 1829
Modern Martyr, The EAST, Timothy 1829
Return to top Margaret Coryton JONES, George 1829
Misfortunes of Elphin, The PEACOCK, Thomas Love 1829

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