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  Short Title Author Year
La Belle Sauvage LYTTLETON, Mr 1803
Labyrinth of Corcira, The GRAGLIA, Giuseppe A. 1804
Lady Durnevor HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1813
Lady Geraldine Beaufort WILSON, Ann 1802
Lady Jane's Pocket ANON 1815
Lady Maclairn HUNTER, Rachel 1806
Lady of Martendyke, The ?PHIBBS, Mary 1813
Lady of the Cave, The HASWORTH, H. H. 1802
Lady of the Lake, The ANON 1810
Return to top Lairds of Fife, The ANON 1828
Lairds of Glenfern, The JOHNSTON, Mary 1816
Lake of Killarney, The PORTER, Anna Maria 1804
Langhton Priory MEEKE, Mary 1809
Langreath NATHAN, Eliza 1822
Lascelles MOORE, Marian 1802
Last Man, or Omegarus and Syderia, The GRAINVILLE, Jean Baptiste François Xavier Cousin de 1806
Last Man, The SHELLEY, Mary Wollstonecraft 1826
Last of the Lairds, The GALT, John 1826
Last of the Mohicans, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1826
Return to top Last of the Plantagenets, The HESELTINE, William 1829
Lasting Impressions CAREY, Joanna 1824
Laura MAXWELL, Caroline 1811
Laura Blundel and her Father ANON 1812
Laurette ?THOMSON, Anna or ?THOMSON, Harriet 1807
Lavinia Fitz-Aubyn ANON 1816
Le Forester BRYDGES, Sir Samuel Egerton 1802
Leap Year DAVENPORT, Selina 1817
Leave of Absence ANDERSON, Thomas Ajax 1824
Return to top Legend of Argyle, A CAREY, David 1821
Legends of a Nunnery, The MONTAGUE, Edward 1807
Legends of Galloway DENNISTON, James 1825
Legends of Scotland. First Series M'CHRONICLE, Ronald [pseud.] 1822
Legends of Scotland. Second Series M'CHRONICLE, Ronald [pseud.] 1823
Legends of Scotland. Third Series M'CHRONICLE, Ronald [pseud.] 1828
Legends of the Lakes CROKER, Thomas Crofton 1829
Leicestershire Tales LINWOOD, Mary 1808
Lemira of Lorraine ANON 1822
Lennox Family, The ANON 1812
Return to top Leolin Abbey LEFANU, Alicia 1819
Leonard & Gertrude PESTALOZZI, Johann Heinrich ; LEDGARD, Sir J. (trans.) 1800
Leonora EDGEWORTH, Maria 1806
Leontina KOTZEBUE, August Friedrich Ferdinand von 1809
Leopold ?WHITFIELD, Henry 1803
Leopold de Circe ST VENANT, Catherine Françoise-Adélaide de ; BYERLEY, John Scott (trans.) 1807
Leopold Warndorf SUMMERSETT, Henry 1800
Letitia HUNTER, Rachel 1801
Return to top Letters of a Solitary Wanderer, The SMITH, Charlotte 1800
Letters of Miss Riversdale ANON 1803
Letters of Ortis to Lorenzo, The FOSCOLO, Niccolo Ugo 1814
Lettre de Cachet, The GORE, Catherine Grace Frances 1827
Levity and Sorrow LUDECUS, Amalie Johanna Karoline ; BIANCHI, Michael Angelo (trans.) 1809
Liberal Critic, The ASHE, Thomas 1812
Liberality and Prejudice COXE, Eliza A. 1813
Libertine Husband, The ?STAËL-HOLSTEIN, Anne Louise Germaine de 1810
Libertine, The DACRE, Charlotte 1807
Return to top Liesli HEUN, Carl Gottlieb Samuel ; HAAS, James D. (trans.) 1826
Life and Adventures of an Eccentric Traveller, The ATKINSON, Charles 1818
Life and Adventures of Paul Plaintive, Esq., The MUDFORD, William 1811
Life and Opinions of Sir Richard Maltravers, The DILLON, Henry Augustus Dillon-Lee, Viscount 1822
Life and Remains of Wilmot Warwick, The WIGHTWICK, George 1828
Life as It Is ANON 1808
Life in India MONKLAND, Anne Catherine 1828
Life in London EGAN, Pierce 1821
Life in Paris CAREY, David 1822
Return to top Life in the West ?DEALE, … or ?LUTTRELL, Henry 1828
Life of a Boy, The STERNDALE, Mary 1821
Life of a Lover, The LEE, Sophia 1804
Life of a Midshipman, The ANON 1829
Life of a Recluse, The GIBSON, A. 1815
Life of an Actor, The EGAN, Pierce 1825
Life of Mansie Wauch, The MOIR, David Macbeth 1828
Life of Pill Garlick, The TEMPLE, Edmond 1813
Life, Love, and Politics DE RENZY, S. Sparow 1825
Return to top Life, Smooth and Rough as It Runs ANON 1815
Life; or, Fashion and Feeling HEDGE, Mary Ann 1822
Light and Shade FOSTER, Mrs E. M. 1803
Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life WILSON, John 1822
Like Master like Man PALMER, John 1811
Lindamira BURNEY, Caroline [pseud?] 1810
Lindorf and Caroline NAUBERT, Christiane Benedicte Eugenie ; YOUNG, Mary Julia (trans.) 1803
L'Intriguante HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1813
Lioncel BRUNO, Louis de 1803
Return to top Lionel Lincoln COOPER, James Fenimore 1825
Lionel: Or, the Last of the Pevenseys PHILLIPS, John 1818
Lionel; or, the Impenetrable Command MAXWELL, Caroline 1809
Little Chimer, The DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume 1810
Live and Learn LATHOM, Francis 1823
Llewellen STEVENS, Grace Buchanan 1818
Lobenstein Village LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; MEEKE, Mary (trans.) 1804
Lochandhu LAUDER, Sir Thomas Dick 1825
Lochiel CAREY, David 1820
Return to top Logan NEAL, John 1823
Lollards, The GASPEY, Thomas 1822
London in the Olden Time LAURENCE, Miss H. 1825
London in the Olden Time. Second Series LAURENCE, Miss H. 1827
London Tales ROCHE, Mrs 1814
London: Or, a Month at Stevens's ANON 1819
London; or, Truth without Reason LATHOM, Francis 1809
Longhollow BEDINGFIELD, Mary Bryan 1829
Lord Hubert of Arundel BOUVERIE, Sophia 1808
Lord Morcar of Hereward PARDOE, Julia S. H. 1829
Return to top Lord of Hardivyle, The ANON 1800
Lords of Erith, The MANNERS, Catherine [afterwards STEPNEY, Catherine Lady] 1809
Lorenz Stark ENGEL, Johann Jakob ; GANS, J. (trans.) 1826
Lorimer AIKIN, Lucy 1814
Lorimon BACULARD D'ARNAUD, François-Thomas-Marie de 1803
Lottery of Life, The LYTTLETON, Mr 1802
Louisa; or the Black Tower HERNON, G. D. 1805
Louisa; or the Orphan of Lenox Abbey ANON 1807
Love and Gratitude LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; PARSONS, Eliza (trans.) 1804
Love and Horror IRCASTRENSIS [pseud.] 1812
Love and War STIVEN, Alexander 1814
Love, Hatred, and Revenge LATHY, Thomas Pike 1809
Love, Mystery, and Misery! HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1810
Love, Rashness, and Revenge PORTER, Rippin 1816
Lovers and Friends HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1821
Loves of Celestine and St Aubert, The PHILLIPS, Charles 1811
Lowran Castle TROTTER, Robert 1822
Loyalists, The WEST, Jane 1812
Return to top Lucilla SANDHAM, Elizabeth 1819
Lucky Escapes ARNOLD, Lieut 1809
Lucubrations of Humphrey Ravelin, The PROCTOR, George 1823
Ludovico's Tale STUART, Augusta Amelia 1808
Lusignan ANON 1801
Lussington Abbey MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1804

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