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Oakes Profile British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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  Short Title Author Year
James Forbes ANON 1824
Jane de Dunstanville KELLY, Isabella 1813
Jane of France GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1816
Jane Talbot BROWN, Charles Brockden 1804
Jaqueline of Olzeburg ?SUMMERSETT, Henry 1800
Jealousy ANON 1802
Jeannette MARTIN, Mrs 1800
Jessica Mandaville MALDEN, Miriam 1804
Jessy ANON 1818
Return to top Jesuitism and Methodism ANON 1829
John Bull in America PAULDING, James Kirke 1825
John de Lancaster CUMBERLAND, Richard 1809
Journal of an Exile, The BOSWELL, Thomas Alexander 1825
Journal of Llewellin Penrose, The WILLIAMS, William 1815
Judith FOSTER, Mrs E. M. 1800
Julia and the Illuminated Baron WOOD, Sally Sayward Barrell Keating 1800
Julia Colville ANON 1800
Julia de Vienne ANON 1811
Julia of Ardenfield ANON 1816
Return to top Julia of England NORRIS, Mrs 1808
Julia Severa SIMONDE DE SISMONDI, Jean Charles Léonard 1822
Julia St Helen ?COBBE, Sarah 1800
Julien DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume ; MEEKE, Mary (trans.) 1807
Julietta PARNELL, William 1802
Justina; or, Religion Pure and Undefiled ?DE WITT, Susan Linn 1823
Justina; or, the History of a Young Lady VENTUM, Harriet 1801

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