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Oakes Profile British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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  Short Title Author Year
I Can't Afford It HAMILTON, Emma 1813
I Says, Says I NARES, Edward 1812
Ida of Austria ?RADCLIFFE, Mary Anne or ?KER, Louisa Theresa Bellenden 1812
Idalia ANON 1800
Idiot Heiress, The ANON 1805
Idiot, The BOSWELL, H 1811
I'll Consider of It! ANON 1812
Illusions of Youth, The CORDOVA, Cordelia 1808
Return to top Imaginary Adultress, The ANON 1808
Impenetrable Secret, The LATHOM, Francis 1805
Impertinent Wife, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1806
Incident and Interest SQUIRE, Miss C. 1810
Independence MEEKE, Mary 1802
India Voyage, The LEFANU, Elizabeth 1804
Indian Chief, The POSTL, Karl Magnus 1829
Inesilla OLLIER, Charles 1824
Infatuation TURNER, Margaret 1810
Infernal Quixote, The LUCAS, Charles 1801
Return to top Infidel Father, The WEST, Jane 1802
Infidel Mother, The SEDLEY, Charles [pseud?] 1807
Influence and Example BARBER, Elizabeth 1823
Inhabitants of Earth, The HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1811
Inheritance, The FERRIER, Susan Edmonstone 1824
Insurgent Chief, The MACHENRY, James 1824
Integrity HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1823
Interesting Adventures of a Hackney Coach, The BEAUCHAMP, Henry [pseud?] 1813
Intriguing Beauty, and the Beauty without Intrigue, The ANON 1819
Introspection MATTHEW, Charlotte 1801
Return to top Invisible Enemy, The LATHY, Thomas Pike 1806
Invisible Hand, The CLAYTON, W. 1815
Invisible Man, The LECLERCQ, Michel-Théodore 1800
Ionian, The RENOU, Sarah 1824
Ipsiboé ARLINCOURT, Charles Vicomte d' 1823
Irish Chieftain, and his Family, The MELVILLE, Theodore 1809
Irish Excursion, The COLPOYS, Mrs 1801
Irish Girl, The ANON 1814
Irish Guardian, The MACKENZIE, Anna Maria 1809
Irish Necromancer, The MARSHAL, Thomas Henry 1821
Return to top Irish Recluse, The ISDELL, Sarah 1809
Irish Valet, The WILSON, Charles Henry 1811
Irishmen, The ARNOLD, Lieut 1810
Irishwoman in London, The HAMILTON, Ann Mary 1810
Iron Mask, The MOUHY, Charles de Fieux, Chevalier de ; HUNT, John Proteus (trans.) 1809
Isabel LLOYD, Charles 1810
Isabel de Barsas ANON 1823
Isabel St Albe CRUMPE, Miss M. G. T. 1823
Isabel, or the Orphan of Valdarno LYTTLETON, Mr 1802
Return to top Isabella JACSON, Frances 1823
Isadora of Milan HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1811
Iskander SPENSER, Arthur 1819
Isn't It Odd? MERRYWHISTLE, Marmaduke [pseud.] 1822
It Was Me ANON 1813
Italian Don Juan, The MILNER, Henry M. (trans?) 1820
Italian Jealousy AUMONT, Mme de Pienne, Duchesse d' 1803
Italian Marauders, The ?COWLEY, Hannah 1810
Italian Mysteries LATHOM, Francis 1820
Italian Romance, The GUION, Miss 1801
Return to top Italian Stories HOLFORD, Margaret [afterwards HODSON, Margaret] 1823
Italian Vengeance and English Forbearance DAVENPORT, Selina 1828
Itinerant, The RYLEY, Samuel William 1808
Iu-Kiao-Li REMUSAT, Jean Pierre Abel 1827
Ivanhoe SCOTT, Sir Walter 1820
Iwanowna HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1813

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