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  Short Title Author Year
Hamel ANON 1827
Happiness ANON 1821
Hardenbrass and Haverill ANON 1817
Hatred ANON 1802
Hermit of the Wood, The ANON 1808
Hide and Seek ANON 1806
High Life ANON 1827
History of Julius Fitz-John, The ANON 1818
History of Netterville, a Chance Pedestrian, The ANON 1802
Return to top Horatio, of Holstein ANON 1800
House of Lancaster, The ANON 1810
Howard Castle ANON 1817
Human Frailties ANON 1803
Human Heart, The ANON 1824
Hundred Years Hence, A ANON 1828
Husband Hunting ANON 1825
Hyde Nugent ANON 1827
Hyppolitus ANON 1805
Hurstwood ?ASHWORTH, John Harvey or ?FRENCH, Augustus 1823
Highland Mary BALFOUR, Alexander 1826
Heroine, The BARRETT, Eaton Stannard 1813
Honorina BARTON, James 1804
Husband Hunters!!! BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1816
Hero, The BELLIN DE LA LIBORLIÈRE, Louis François Marie ; SHEDDEN, Sophia Elizabeth (trans.) 1817
Heart and the Fancy, The BENGER, Elizabeth Ogilvy 1813
History of Victoria Mortimer, The BERKENHOUT, Helena 1805
Hauberk Hall BREBNER, Henry 1823
Return to top Hall of Hellingsley, The BRYDGES, Sir Samuel Egerton 1821
Helena Egerton BUDDEN, Maria Elizabeth 1824
Hours of Affluence, and Days of Indigence BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1809
Harley Radington CAMPBELL, Dorothea Primrose 1821
Heroine of Almeida, The CAMPBELL, Dr 1811
Hebrew, The ?CHALKLEN, Charles William and/or ?CHALKLEN, Miss 1828
Homicide, The CHARLTON, Mary 1805
Herwald de Wake CLARKE, Hewson 1823
Human Nature CORDOVA, Cordelia 1816
Return to top Henry of Northumberland CRAIK, Helen 1800
Historiettes CROWE, Eyre Evans 1827
Home CULLEN, Margaret 1802
Hut and the Castle, The CUTHBERTSON, Catherine 1823
Hypocrite, The DAVENPORT, Selina 1814
Henry Hooka DIBDIN, Charles 1807
History of a French Dagger, The DUBOIS, Henri Leopold (trans?) 1828
Harrington; and Ormond EDGEWORTH, Maria 1817
Highest Castle and the Lowest Cave, The EDRIDGE, Rebecca 1825
Howard GAMBLE, John 1815
Return to top History of George Godfrey GASPEY, Thomas 1828
Herman and Dorothea GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von 1805
Hungarian Tales GORE, Catherine Grace Frances 1829
High-Ways and By-Ways GRATTAN, Thomas Colley 1823
High-Ways and By-Ways. Second Series GRATTAN, Thomas Colley 1825
High-Ways and By-Ways. Third Series GRATTAN, Thomas Colley 1827
Holland-Tide GRIFFIN, Gerald Joseph 1827
Hell upon Earth GRUBER, Johann Gottfried 1804
Heir Apparent, The GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] and GUNNING, Susannah [née MINIFIE, Susannah] 1802
Return to top Highlander, The H., E. H. 1819
Heraline HAWKINS, Laetitia-Matilda 1821
Human Life HERBERT, Caroline 1817
Helen HIRST, Augusta Ann 1807
History of a Clergyman's Widow and her Young Family, The HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1812
History of an Officer's Widow, The HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1809
Hearts versus Heads HOOLE, Innes 1823
Hans of Iceland HUGO, Victor 1825
History of the Grubthorpe Family, The HUNTER, Rachel 1802
House of Ravenspur, The JAMIESON, Frances 1822
Return to top Hermit in Prison, The JOUY, Victor Joseph Étienne de and JAY, Antoine 1823
Hawthorn Cottage JONES, John 1815
Henrietta Bellmann LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1804
Herman and Emilia LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1805
Human Beings LATHOM, Francis 1807
Hulne Abbey LAYTON, Jemima 1820
Helen Monteagle LEFANU, Alicia 1818
Henry the Fourth of France LEFANU, Alicia 1826
Hesitation LESTER, Elizabeth B. 1819
Return to top Heliodora LINDAU, Wilhelm Adolf 1804
Herbert Lacy LISTER, Thomas Henry 1828
Henry and Mary LITT, William 1825
History of Matthew Wald LOCKHART, John Gibson 1824
Hermit of Glenconella, The MAC DONNELL, Eneas 1820
Hermit Abroad, The MACDONOGH, Felix 1823
Hermit in Edinburgh, The MACDONOGH, Felix 1824
Hermit in London, The MACDONOGH, Felix 1819
Hermit in the Country, The MACDONOGH, Felix 1820
Heroine of the Peninsula, The MACDONOGH, Felix 1826
Return to top Highlanders, The MACDONOGH, Felix 1824
Hearts of Steel, The MACHENRY, James 1825
Hope MALDEN, Miriam 1813
Helen of Glenross MARTIN, H. 1802
History of Elsmere and Rosa, The MATHERS, John [pseud.] 1817
History of Mr John Decastro and his Brother Bat, The MATHERS, John [pseud.] 1815
Hero of Salamanca, A MORIARTY, Henrietta Maria 1813
Heirs of Villeroy, The MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1806
Henry Count de Kolinski MURRAY, Mrs 1810
Hour of Trial, The NERI, Mary Anne 1808
Return to top Husband and the Lover, The PALMER, Alicia Tyndal 1809
History and Adventures of Godfrey Ranger, The PAYNTER, David William 1813
Headlong Hall PEACOCK, Thomas Love 1816
History of Myself and my Friend, The PLUMPTRE, Anne 1813
Honor O'Hara PORTER, Anna Maria 1826
Hungarian Brothers, The PORTER, Anna Maria 1807
Houses of Osma and Almeria, The ROCHE, Regina Maria 1810
Hermione SCOTT, Caroline 1816
Hope Leslie SEDGWICK, Catharine Maria 1828
History of a Dog, The SEWRIN, Charles Augustin de Bassompierre 1804
Return to top Humbert Castle SHERIFFE, Sarah 1800
Horatio: Or, Sketches of the Davenport Family SMITH, Horatio 1807
Helen de Tournon SOUZA-BOTELHO, Adélaide Marie Emilie, Marquise de ; RYLANCE, Ralph (trans?) 1821
How to Be Rid of a Wife SPENCE, Elizabeth Isabella 1823
Highland Castle, The ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1820
Heiress of Avonmore, The TAYLOR, Miss 1805
Husband and Wife, The THOMAS, Elizabeth 1808
Hermit in Italy, The VILLEMAREST, Charles Maxime Catherinet, de 1825
History of Rinaldo Rinaldini, The VULPIUS, Christian August ; HINCKLEY, John (trans.) 1800
Herbert-Lodge WARNER, Ellen Rebecca 1808
Hermit's Cave, The WENTWORTH, Zara 1821
Herbert Milton WHITE, Charles 1828
History of Michael Kemp, The WOODROOFFE, Anne 1819
Hour of Two, The WOODTHORPE, Augusta Maria 1809
Harold the Exile ?WYNDHAM, Alicia 1819
Haunted Palace, The YORKE, Mrs R. P. M. 1801
Heir of Drumcondra, The YOUNG, Mary Julia 1810

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