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Oakes Profile British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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  Short Title Author Year
Gabriel Forrester LATHY, Thomas Pike 1807
Galerio and Nerissa JONES, John Gale 1804
Gamblers, The JONES, Hannah Maria 1824
Gaston de Blondeville RADCLIFFE, Ann 1826
Gathering, The GALT, John 1823
Genevieve STRUTT, Elizabeth [formerly BYRON, Elizabeth] 1818
George the Third MANGIN, Edward 1807
Geraldine MACKENZIE, Mary Jane 1820
Geraldine Fauconberg BURNEY, Sarah Harriet 1808
Return to top Geraldine Murray M'LEOD, Miss E. H. 1826
Geraldine of Desmond CRUMPE, Miss M. G. T. 1829
Geraldwood WHITFIELD, Henry 1801
German Letters SELDEN, Catherine (trans?) 1804
German Sorceress, The LYTTLETON, Mr 1803
German Stories GILLIES, Robert Pierce 1826
Gertrude de Wart APPENZELLER, Johann Konrad 1826
Ghost of Harcourt, The ANON 1803
Gil Blas of the Revolution, The PICARD, Louis Benoit 1825
Gilmour ANON 1824
Return to top Giovanni Sbogarro NODIER, Jean Emmanuel Charles ; IRVING, Peter (trans.) 1820
Gipsy, The SCHULZE, Friedrich August 1826
Glenalpin TAYLOR, Sarah 1828
Glenarvon LAMB, Lady Caroline 1816
Glencarron WIGLEY, Sarah 1811
Glencore Tower ANON 1806
Glenfell GALT, John 1820
Glenfergus MUDIE, Robert 1820
Glenmore Abbey ISAACS, Mrs 1805
Return to top Gogmagog-Hall ANON 1819
Going Too Far ANON 1825
Gomez Arias TRUEBA Y COSIO, Joaquin Telesforo de 1828
Gondez, the Monk IRELAND, Samuel William Henry 1805
Gondola, The VAN DYK, Harry Stoe 1827
Gonzalo de Baldivia HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1817
Good Grandmother, and her Offspring, The HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1817
Good Men of Modern Date GREEN, Sarah 1811
Good-Humour ANON 1820
Good-Nature AIMWELL, Miss [pseud.] 1822
Return to top Gotha S–––, Mrs 1811
Gothic Legends ANON 1809
Governor of Belleville, The HARVEY, Jane 1808
Graham Hamilton LAMB, Lady Caroline 1822
Granby LISTER, Thomas Henry 1826
Grandeur and Meanness CHARLTON, Mary 1824
Gratitude MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1826
Gretna Green JONES, Hannah Maria 1821
Gretna Green Marriages GREEN, Sarah 1823
Grey Friar, The LIPSCOMB, George 1810
Return to top Griffith Abbey ?MATHEWS, Eliza Kirkham or ?MATTHEW, Charlotte 1807
Guards, The ANON 1827
Guerrilla Chief, The PARKER, Emma 1815
Guilty or Not Guilty HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1822
Guiscard VERE, Horace [pseud.] 1809
Gulzara, Princess of Persia ANON 1816
Guy Mannering SCOTT, Sir Walter 1815
Gwelygordd LUCAS, Charles 1820
Gwenllean LEWIS, Mary Gogo 1823

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