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  Short Title Author Year
Faith and Fiction BENNETT, Elizabeth 1816
Faithful Irishwoman, The DE RENZY, S. Sparow 1813
Faithful Servant, The BRISTOW, Amelia 1824
Falconbridge Abbey HANWAY, Mary Ann 1809
Falkland BULWER LYTTON, Edward George 1827
Fallen Minister, and Other Tales, The SPIESS, Christian Heinrich ; HEWETSON, William B. (trans.) 1809
False Appearances ANON 1803
Families of Owen and De Montfort, The ANON 1819
Return to top Family Annals HUNTER, Rachel 1807
Family Estate, The ROSS, Mrs 1815
Family Mansion, The TAYLOR, Ann 1819
Family of Santraile, The JONES, Harriet 1809
Family Picture Gallery, The ANON 1824
Family Portraits WARD, Catherine George 1822
Family Pride and Humble Merit SENATE, E. 1810
Family Quarrels LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1811
Family Story, A SMITH, Horatio 1800
Fanny Fitz-York RYLEY, Ann 1818
Return to top Farmer's Boy, The GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] 1802
Farmers' Three Daughters, The BALFOUR, Alexander 1822
Faro Table, The SEDLEY, Charles [pseud?] 1808
Farther Excursions of the Observant Pedestrian ANON 1801
Fashionable Involvements GUNNING, Susannah [née MINIFIE, Susannah] 1800
Fashionable Mysteries LATHOM, Francis 1829
Fashionables and Unfashionables ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1827
Fast of St Magdalen, The PORTER, Anna Maria 1818
Fatal Ambition FORSTER, A. V. 1811
Fatal Love ST RAPHAEL, Felix [pseud?] 1812
Return to top Fatal Revenge MATURIN, Charles Robert 1807
Fatal Secret, The KING, Sophia [afterwards FORTNUM, Sophia] 1801
Fatal Vow, The LATHOM, Francis 1807
Fatalists, The KELLY, Mrs 1821
Fate VANZEE, Maria 1803
Fate of Graysdale, The ANON 1829
Father and Daughter, The OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1801
Father and Son, The ANON 1824
Father and Son; or, De Claremont, The TAYLOR, Miss 1806
Father as He Should Be, A HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1815
Return to top Father Butler CARLETON, William 1829
Father Clement KENNEDY, Grace 1823
Fatherless Fanny EDGEWORTH, Mrs 1811
Fatherless Rosa HUISH, Robert 1820
Father's Love and a Woman's Friendship, A MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1825
Faulconstein Forest ANON 1810
Faux Pas, The ?LUCAS, Charles 1800
Favourite of Nature, The KELTY, Mary Ann 1821
Fears and Cares CARR, E. D. 1821
Felician Alphery CLARKE, Hewson 1828
Return to top Felix Alvarez DALLAS, Alexander Robert Charles 1818
Female Confessions HALL, W. H. 1809
Female Minor, The CAMPBELL, Dr 1808
Ferdinand and Amelia ANON 1806
Ferdinand and Ordella CAVENDISH-BRADSHAW, Mary Ann 1810
Ferdinand Fitzormond TEMPLE, Mrs F. 1805
Ferrandino VULPIUS, Christian August ; BOHN, Henry George (trans?); SOANE, George (trans?) 1813
Festival of Mora, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1821
Return to top Festival of St Jago, The GREEN, Sarah 1810
Feudal Days ?WILLIAMS, Mitchell 1826
Feudal Events MACKENZIE, Anna Maria 1800
Feudal Tyrants NAUBERT, Christiane Benedicte Eugenie ; LEWIS, Matthew Gregory (trans.) 1806
Feuds of Luna and Perollo, The ANON 1821
Fidelia CRADOCK, Joseph 1821
Fiesco, Count of Lavagne LYTTLETON, Mr 1805
Fire-Eater, The WILSON, James 1823
Fireside Book, A TAYLER, Charles Benjamin 1828
Return to top Fire-Side Scenes LESTER, Elizabeth B. 1825
Fireside Stories LESLIE, Mrs 1806
First Affections ANON 1823
First and Last Years of Wedded Life, The ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1827
First Child, The WARD, Catherine George 1824
First Impressions HOLFORD, Margaret [née WRENCH, Margaret] 1801
First Love ANON 1801
First Love; a Tale of my Mother's Times ANON 1824
First Night of my Wedding, The SEWRIN, Charles Augustin de Bassompierre 1804
Fisherman's Hut, The ANON 1805
Return to top Fisher's Daughter, The WARD, Catherine George 1824
Fitzalleyne of Berkeley WESTMACOTT, Charles Molloy 1825
Fitz-Edward PARKER, Emma 1811
Fitzmaurice WILLIAMS, William Frederick 1800
Fitzwalters, The BREWER, James Norris 1829
Five Nights of St Albans, The MUDFORD, William 1829
Flatterer, The HEDGE, Mary Ann 1822
Fleetwood GODWIN, William 1805
Flim-Flams! D'ISRAELI, Isaac 1805
Flirtation BURY, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria 1827
Return to top Florence ROBERTSON, Mrs 1829
Florence Macarthy OWENSON, Sydney [afterwards MORGAN, Lady Sydney] 1818
Florentines, The THOMPSON, Benjamin 1808
Follies of Fashion, The LYTTLETON, Mr 1801
Forbidden Apartments LINLEY, William 1800
Forest Girl, The WARD, Catherine George 1826
Forest of Comalva, The HILL, Mary 1809
Forest of Hohenelbe, The SHERIFFE, Sarah 1803
Forest of Montalbano CUTHBERTSON, Catherine 1810
Forest of St Bernardo, The HAMILTON, Ann Mary 1806
Return to top Forest of Valancourt, The DARLING, Peter Middleton 1813
Foresters, The WILSON, John 1825
Forged Note, The JONES, Hannah Maria 1824
Forman MOYSEY, Abel 1819
Forresti ANON 1806
Fortitude TAYLOR, B. 1816
Fortitude and Frailty HOLCROFT, Frances 1817
Fortunes of Nigel, The SCOTT, Sir Walter 1822
Forty Years in the World WALLACE, Robert Grenville 1825
Foscarini SALUCES, Mme de 1829
Return to top Foundling of Devonshire, The HAYNES, Miss C. D. [afterwards GOLLAND, Mrs C. D.] 1818
Foundling of Glenthorn BALFOUR, Alexander 1823
France & England GIFFARD, Edward Castleton 1815
Frances ?SMITH, M. 1819
Francis and Josepha HUBER, Therese ; FARDELY, William (trans.) 1807
Frankenstein SHELLEY, Mary Wollstonecraft 1818
Frederic FIÉVÉE, Joseph 1802
Frederic & Caroline FOSTER, Mrs E. M. 1800
Frederick de Montford GOULBURN, Edward 1811
Return to top Frederick Dornton KELLY, Richard N. 1822
Frederick Montravers WOODFALL, Sophia 1803
Frederick Morland CAREY, David 1824
Frederick; or, Memoirs of my Youth ANON 1811
Freebooter of the Alps, The GRIFFIN, James 1821
Freebooter's Bride, The BERNARD, William Bayle 1829
Freebooter's Wife, The GROSETT, Emilia 1819
French Protestant, The ANON 1822
Friar Hildargo, The MORTIMER, Edward [pseud?] 1807
Friar's Tale, The CONOLLY, Luke Aylmer 1805
Return to top Friends and Lovers ANON 1812
Friends Unmasked HUTCHINSON, Miss A. A. 1812
Fugitive Countess, The WILKINSON, Sarah Scudgell 1807
Fugitive of the Forest, The SMITH, Maria Lavinia 1801
Fugitive, The GREEN, Sarah 1814

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