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  Short Title Author Year
Earl of Cork, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1808
Earl of Desmond, The MAXWELL, Caroline 1810
Earl Osric ISAACS, Mrs 1820
Early Feuds WHITFIELD, Henry 1816
Earthquake, The GALT, John 1820
Eccentric Philanthropy ANON 1803
Eccentric Traveller, The ANON 1826
Eccentricity MACNALLY, Louisa 1820
Edgar APPLETON, Elizabeth 1816
Return to top Edgar Huntly BROWN, Charles Brockden 1803
Edinburgh: A Satirical Novel ANON 1820
Edmond Ironside ANON 1805
Edmund Fitzaubrey CAMBRIENSIS [pseud.] 1808
Edmund O'Hara ANON 1828
Edric, the Forester KER, Anne 1817
Education TAYLOR, Eliza 1817
Edward DURAS, Claire Louise Rose Bonne, Duchesse de 1826
Edward and Anna BRISTED, John 1806
Edward and Annette LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1807
Return to top Edward and Laura WERTHES, Friedrich August Clemens 1809
Edward Fitz-Yorke JANSON, Charles William 1810
Edward Neville LESASSIER, Alexander Hamilton 1823
Edward Wortley, and the Exile of Scotland ANON 1819
Edward, or the Pursuit of Happiness ANON 1820
Edwardina HARRIS, Catherine 1800
Edwin SINGER, Mr 1803
Edwy and Elgiva AGG, John 1811
Egbert ANON 1810
Eglantine NOOTH, Charlotte 1816
Return to top Eight Historical Tales ?BRYER, Henry and/or ?W., J. 1801
Eighteen Hundred and Fifteen AGG, John 1816
Eleanor HAYNES, Miss C. D. [afterwards GOLLAND, Mrs C. D.] 1821
Eleanor Ogilvie the Maid of the Tweed ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1829
Elfrida PARKER, Emma 1811
Eliza YEATES, Mrs 1800
Elizabeth COTTIN, Sophie Ristaud ; MEEKE, Mary (trans.) 1807
Elizabeth de Bruce JOHNSTONE, Christian Isobel 1827
Return to top Elizabeth de Mowbray ANON 1816
Elizabeth Evanshaw ?SCARGILL, William Pitt 1827
Ella Rosenberg HERBERT, William 1808
Ella St Laurence ISAACS, Mrs 1809
Ellen PILKINGTON, Mary 1807
Ellen Ramsay MOORE, Hannah W. 1824
Elliott BURKE, Mrs 1800
Ellmer Castle ANON 1827
Elnathan BARTHES DE MARMORIÈRES, Antoine 1811
Elton ANON 1812
Return to top Elvington NATHAN, Eliza 1819
Emily Moreland JONES, Hannah Maria 1829
Emily of Lucerne FOSTER, Mrs E. M. 1800
Emily, a Moral Tale KETT, Henry 1809
Emily; and Beauty & Ugliness BENNETT, Elizabeth 1819
Emily; or, Traits of Principle ANON 1824
Emir Malek BARROW, John Henry 1827
Emma AUSTEN, Jane 1816
Emma de Lissau BRISTOW, Amelia 1828
Emma; or the Foundling of the Wood BROOKE, Charlotte 1803
Return to top Emmeline BRUNTON, Mary 1819
Emmeline; or, the Happy Discovery KER, Anne 1801
Empire of the Nairs, The LAWRENCE, James Henry 1811
Enchantress, The MARTIN, Mrs 1801
English Baronet, The DES STRAELLA, Leonora 1826
English Brothers, The ANON 1809
English Exposé, The BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1814
English Fashionables Abroad BURDETT, Mrs C. D. 1827
English Gil Blas, The CANTON, John 1807
English in France, The CROWE, Eyre Evans 1828
Return to top English in India, The HOCKLEY, William Browne 1828
English in Italy, The CROWE, Eyre Evans 1825
English Life ANON 1825
Englishman in Paris, The ANON 1819
Englishman, The BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1812
English-Woman, The BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1808
Entail, The GALT, John 1823
Epicurean, The MOORE, Thomas 1827
Erestina RICCOBONI, Marie Jeanne ; LATHOM, Francis (trans.) 1803
Return to top Ermina Montrose CLARK, Emily 1800
Ernestina HOLSTEN, Esther 1801
Ernestus Berchtold POLIDORI, John William 1819
Errors and their Consequences ANON 1819
Esquimaux, The CLARK, Emily 1819
Ethelia HARVEY, Jane 1810
Eudoxia MONTENGON, Pedro ; SMITH, Charles Hervey (trans.) 1818
Eugene & Eugenia DESFORGES, Pierre Jean Baptiste Choudard 1805
Euphronia NORRIS, Mrs 1810
Return to top Eustace Fitz-Richard ANON 1826
Euston COURTENAY, Charles 1809
Eva of Cambria BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1811
Eve of All-Hallows, The HARTSTONGE, Matthew Weld 1825
Eve of San Marco, The SOANE, George 1812
Eve of San-Pietro, The NERI, Mary Anne 1804
Eveleen Mountjoy MOORE, Mrs Robert 1819
Eventful Marriage, The SANDS, James 1806
Eversfield Abbey ANON 1806
Every Day Occurrences ANON 1825
Return to top Exile of Erin, The GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] 1808
Exile of Poland, The RICHARDSON, Sarah (trans?) 1819
Exile of Portugal, The STUART, Augusta Amelia 1810
Exile, The ANON 1820
Experience HARDING, Anne Raikes 1828
Express, The D'AUBIGNE, Frances 1819

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