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  Short Title Author Year
Dangerous Secrets ANON 1815
Daughter, The ANON 1810
Davenels, The ANON 1829
Days of Queen Mary, The ANON 1822
De Beauvoir ANON 1828
De Clifford ANON 1820
De Lacy ANON 1828
Dead Letter Office, The ANON 1811
Decision, The ANON 1811
Return to top Dellingborough Castle ANON 1806
Delusion ANON 1818
Demetrius ANON 1813
D'Erbine ANON 1829
Diurnal Events ANON 1816
Don Sancho ANON 1803
Dunethvin ANON 1818
Dunsany ANON 1818
December Tales AINSWORTH, William Harrison 1823
Dangerous Errors BARBER, Elizabeth 1822
Return to top Deserter, The BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1817
Disorder and Order BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1820
De Valcourt ?BENNETT, Anna Maria or ?LAKE, Eliza 1800
Devotee, The BEVERLEY, Robert Mackenzie 1823
Douglas BISSET, Robert 1800
Domestic Scenes. A Novel BLAIR, Mrs Alexander 1820
De Vavasour BLESSINGTON, Charles John Gardiner, Earl of 1826
De Foix BRAY, Anna Eliza 1826
Discipline BRUNTON, Mary 1814
Return to top Dorothea BULLOCK, Mrs 1801
Devereux BULWER LYTTON, Edward George 1829
Disowned, The BULWER LYTTON, Edward George 1829
Dacresfield CORDELIA [pseud.] 1820
Donald Monteith DAVENPORT, Selina 1815
Despotism D'ISRAELI, Isaac 1811
Discovery, The DOHERTY, Hugh 1807
Dream, or Noble Cambrians, The EVANS, Robert 1801
Duke of Lauzun, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1808
Depraved Husband and the Philosophic Wife, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de ; BARTON, James (trans?) 1803
Duchess of La Valliere, The GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de ; LENNOX, Charles (trans?) 1804
Deception GREEN, Sarah 1813
De Lisle GREY, Elizabeth Caroline 1828
Dangers through Life GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] 1810
De Willenberg HALES, J. M. H. 1821
Decision: A Tale HARDING, Anne Raikes 1819
Dissipation HARDING, Anne Raikes 1827
Deeds of the Olden Time HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1826
Return to top Devil's Elixir, The HOFFMANN, Ernst Theodor Amadeus ; GILLIES, Robert Pierce (trans.) 1824
Daughter-in-Law, her Father, and Family, The HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1813
Decision. A Tale HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1824
Discontented Man, The HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1815
Donald ?HURRY, Margaret 1806
Dorinda Grafton HURSTONE, J. P. 1808
Dinan JOHNSON, Arthur 1821
Domestic Tales JOHNSTON, Mary 1822
De Renzey KELLY, Richard N. 1821
Return to top Dunallan KENNEDY, Grace 1825
Dolgorucki and Menzikof LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1805
Don Juan de las Sierras LEFANU, Alicia 1823
Discarded Daughter, The LEWIS, Alethea Brereton 1809
Don Esteban LLANOS GUTIERREZ, Valentin 1825
Duellists, The LUCAS, William 1805
Demon of Sicily, The MONTAGUE, Edward 1807
D'Aveyro MONTJOIE, Félix Louis Christophe 1803
Deeds of Darkness MORLEY, G. T. 1805
Day in Stowe Gardens, A NOVELLO, Mary Sabilla 1825
Return to top Dudley O'KEEFFE, Adelaide 1819
Daughters of Isenberg, The PALMER, Alicia Tyndal 1810
Dream, The PALMER, Sarah Cornelia 1806
Delaval PHILIPPS, Janetta 1802
Don Sebastian PORTER, Anna Maria 1809
Duke Christian of Luneburg PORTER, Jane 1824
Deserted Wife, The RICE, Mrs 1803
Duty ROBERTS, Margaret 1814
Delmore ROBERTS, Mrs D. 1806
Destiny ROBERTSON, Eliza Frances 1804
Return to top Discarded Son, The ROCHE, Regina Maria 1807
Domestic Scenes. from the German SHOWES, Mrs (trans.) 1806
Delworth SOUTHWOOD, T. 1808
Dame Rebecca Berry SPENCE, Elizabeth Isabella 1827
Dwarf of Westerbourg, The SPIESS, Christian Heinrich 1827
Delphine STAËL-HOLSTEIN, Anne Louise Germaine de 1803
Di Montranzo STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1810
De Mowbray STEPHENS, Nella 1823
Drelincourt and Rodalvi STRUTT, Elizabeth [formerly BYRON, Elizabeth] 1807
Display TAYLOR, Jane 1815
Return to top Daughter of Adoption, The THELWALL, John 1801
Don Juan THORNTON, Alfred 1821
Derwentwater TROTTER, Robert 1825
Durston Castle TUCK, Mary 1804
Dangers of Infidelity, The VENTUM, Harriet 1812
Don Raphael WALKER, George 1803
Daughter of St Omar, The WARD, Catherine George 1810
De Vere WARD, Robert Plumer 1827
De Santillana WENTWORTH, Zara 1825
Dominican, The WILLIAMSON, Thomas 1809
Return to top Donalda YOUNG, Mary Julia 1805

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