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  Short Title Author Year
Cabin Conversations and Castle Scenes BUNBURY, Selina 1827
Cabronazos, The ANON 1814
Caledonia ?BAYLEY, Catharine 1810
Caledonian Bandit, The SMITH, Catherine 1811
Calthorpe GASPEY, Thomas 1821
Cambrian Pictures HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1810
Camisard, The COX, Frances Clarinda Adeline 1825
Campbell BALFOUR, Alexander 1819
Can We Doubt It? MALARME, Charlotte de Bournon ; GOOCH, Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real (trans.) 1804
Canterbury Tales. Volume the Fifth LEE, Harriet 1805
Canterbury Tales. Volume the Fourth LEE, Harriet 1801
Caprice ANON 1824
Captive of Valence, The GUÉNARD, Elisabeth 1804
Carbonaro, The LÉVIS, Pierre Marc Gaston de 1829
Carnwaith Muir ?BROWN, James 1820
Caroline Lismore MANT, Alicia Catherine 1815
Caroline Ormsby ANON 1810
Caroline, and Zelite SMITH, Anna White 1824
Return to top Carriage, The BENSON, Maria 1819
Carthusian Friar, The GREEN, Sarah 1814
Carwin, the Biloquist BROWN, Charles Brockden 1822
Castilian, The TRUEBA Y COSIO, Joaquin Telesforo de 1829
Castle Baynard FORRESTER, Charles Robert 1824
Castle Chapel, The ROCHE, Regina Maria 1825
Castle Harcourt WINTER, L. F. 1825
Castle Nuovier MANNERS, Catherine [afterwards STEPNEY, Catherine Lady] 1806
Castle of Arragon, The SMITH, Catherine 1809
Castle of Berry Pomeroy, The MONTAGUE, Edward 1806
Return to top Castle of Caithness, The P., F. H. 1802
Castle of Eridan, The GRAGLIA, Giuseppe A. 1800
Castle of Probation, The ANON 1802
Castle of Roviego, The PICKAR, Mary 1805
Castle of Santa Fe, The ANON 1805
Castle of St Caranza, The ANON 1804
Castle of Tariffa, The BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1812
Castle of the Tuileries, The ROUSSEL, Pierre Joseph Alexis ; LATHOM, Francis (trans.) 1803
Castle of Tynemouth, The HARVEY, Jane 1806
Return to top Castle of Villa-Flora, The ANON 1819
Castle of Villeroy, a Romance, The MILLS, Frances Mary 1801
Castle of Villeroy; or, the Bandit Chief, The ANN OF KENT [pseud.] 1827
Castle of Vivaldi, The HORWOOD, Caroline 1810
Castle Rackrent EDGEWORTH, Maria 1800
Castles in the Air ANON 1818
Castles of Marsange & Nuger, The YOUNG, Henrietta Maria (trans?) 1809
Castles of Wolfnorth and Mont Eagle, The DOHERTY, Ann 1812
Castlethorpe Lodge LIPSCOMB, George 1816
Casualties GOLDSMITH, Mary 1804
Return to top Catastrophe, The ST AUBIGNÉ, Chevalier de ; BYERLEY, John Scott (trans.) 1803
Catholic, The IRELAND, Samuel William Henry 1807
Cava of Toledo STUART, Augusta Amelia 1812
Cavalier, The BENNET, William 1821
Cave of Cosenza, The BROMLEY, Eliza Nugent (trans?) 1803
Cavern of Astolpho, The ANON 1815
Cavern of Strozzi, The REGNAULT-WARIN, Jean Baptiste Joseph 1800
Cecily Fitz-Owen FRANK, … 1805
Celebrity PILKINGTON, Mary 1815
Return to top Celia in Search of a Husband BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1809
Celia Suited BEST, Jane 1810
Celina HOOK, Sarah Ann 1802
Cesario Rosalba HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1819
Chamber of Death, The ORLANDO [pseud.] 1809
Chances, The ANON 1803
Chapters On Churchyards BOWLES, Caroline Anne 1829
Characters at Brighton TRELAWNEY, Anne 1808
Charenton LOURDOUEIX, Henri de 1818
Charles Ellis SEMPLE, Robert 1806
Return to top Charlton GAMBLE, John 1823
Charms of Dandyism, The ASHE, Thomas 1819
Chateau of Leaspach ANON 1827
Chelsea Pensioners, The GLEIG, George Robert 1829
Chevalier De Versenai COTTIN, Sophie Ristaud 1810
Child of Hope, The ?PILKINGTON, Mary 1800
Child of Mystery, The WILKINSON, Sarah Scudgell 1808
Children of Error, The ANON 1806
Choice and No Choice ROLFE, Ann 1825
Christabelle HANWAY, Mary Ann 1814
Return to top Christina MONTOLIEU, Pauline-Isabelle de Bottens, Baronne de 1808
Chronicles of an Illustrious House HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1816
Chronicles of the Canongate SCOTT, Sir Walter 1827
Chronicles of the Canongate. Second Series SCOTT, Sir Walter 1828
Chronicles of the Ton MORDAUNT, Henry 1815
Circumstances Respecting the Late Charles Montford, Esq. HARLEY, George Davies. 1804
Citizen's Daughter, The ANON 1804
City Nobility ANON 1808
Civilization ANON 1818
Clan-Albin JOHNSTONE, Christian Isobel 1815
Return to top Clara ANON 1801
Clara COTTIN, Sophie Ristaud 1808
Clara de Montfier LE NOIR, Elizabeth Anne 1808
Claudine THOMAS, Elizabeth 1817
Clavering Tower ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1822
Clouds and Sunshine SHEPHERD, William 1829
Coberley Hall HUGHES, Robert 1824
Coelebs Deceived CORP, Harriet 1817
Coelebs in Search of a Mistress ANON 1810
Coelebs in Search of a Wife MORE, Hannah 1808
Return to top Coelebs Married ANON 1814
Coelebs Suited ROVER, Sir George [pseud.] 1809
Coelibia Choosing a Husband TORRENS, Robert 1809
Coincidence SEBRIGHT, Paul 1820
Collegians, The GRIFFIN, Gerald Joseph 1829
Colonel Berkley and his Friends ANON 1825
Coming Out; and The Field of the Forty Footsteps PORTER, Anna Maria and PORTER, Jane 1828
Common Events WALKER, Anne 1825
Common Life ANON 1804
Return to top Concealment ANON 1821
Concealment, or the Cascade of Llantwarryhn FOSTER, Mrs E. M. 1801
Conduct ANON 1814
Conduct Is Fate BURY, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria 1822
Confederates, The MOYSEY, Abel 1823
Confession, The MUSGRAVE, Agnes 1801
Confessional of Valombre, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1812
Confessions in Elysium WIELAND, Christoph Martin ; ELRINGTON, John Battersby (trans.) 1804
Confessions of a Gamester ?PEERS, John 1824
Return to top Confessions of an Old Bachelor CARRINGTON, Edmund Frederick John 1827
Confessions of an Old Maid CARRINGTON, Edmund Frederick John 1828
Confessions of an Oxonian LITTLE, Thomas 1826
Confessions of Sir Henry Longueville, The GILLIES, Robert Pierce 1814
Confessions of the Nun of St Omer DACRE, Charlotte 1805
Conirdan ANON 1817
Conrade WARREN, Caroline Matilda 1806
Conscience MEEKE, Mary 1814
Conscript, The LEMAIRE, Henri ; BYERLEY, John Scott (trans.) 1807
Return to top Constance HILL, Isabel 1822
Constance de Lindensdorf FRANCES, Sophia 1807
Constancy and Leopold YOSSY, Ann 1818
Constantia de Courcy ANON 1806
Constantia Neville WELLS, Helena 1800
Contested Election, The ENNIS, Alicia Margaret 1820
Continental Adventures EATON, Charlotte Anne 1826
Contrast ROCHE, Regina Maria 1828
Convent of Grey Penitents WILKINSON, Sarah Scudgell 1810
Convent of Notre Dame ?DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume 1807
Return to top Convent of St Marc, The HOWARD, Charles 1808
Convent of St Michael, The ANON 1803
Conversation HERON, Mrs 1821
Convert, The WILKINS, George 1826
Convict, The PARSONS, Eliza 1807
Conviction HATTON, Anne Julia Kemble 1814
Coquetry PASCOE, Charlotte Champion and WILLYAMS, Jane Louisa 1818
Coraly ANON 1819
Corasmin MURRAY, Hugh 1814
Return to top Corfe Castle PENNIE, John Fitzgerald 1824
Corinna STAËL-HOLSTEIN, Anne Louise Germaine de 1807
Corinna of England, and a Heroine in the Shade, The ANON 1809
Correction HARDING, Anne Raikes 1818
Correlia SHERIFFE, Sarah 1802
Cospatrick of Raymondsholm SUTHERLAND, Alexander 1822
Cottage Dialogues among the Irish Peasantry LEADBEATER, Mary 1811
Cottage of Merlin Vale, The MORRINGTON, J. 1809
Cottage of the Appenines, The KENLEY, Marianne 1806
Cottage of the Var, The SYMMONS, Caroline 1809
Return to top Cottage on the Cliff, The WARD, Catherine George 1823
Cottage Sketches CORP, Harriet 1812
Cottager's Daughter, The ANON 1806
Cottagers of Glenburnie, The HAMILTON, Elizabeth 1808
Cottagers of the Lakes, The ANON 1816
Count de Valmont, The GÉRARD, L'Abbé Louis Philippe 1805
Count Eugenio BUTLER, Harriet 1807
Count Glarus of Switzerland WICKENDEN, William S. 1819
Countess and Gertrude, The HAWKINS, Laetitia-Matilda 1811
Country Belles BARBER, Agnes Anne 1824
Return to top Court of Holyrood, The ANON 1822
Courtly Annals MATHEW, Richard 1814
Cousins, The ROSS, Mrs 1811
Craigh-Melrose Priory ?MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1816
Crates and Hipparchia WIELAND, Christoph Martin ; COKE, Charles Richard (trans.) 1823
Crestyphon HEFFORD, John 1820
Crim Con MORIARTY, Henrietta Maria 1812
Crimes and Characters PILKINGTON, Mary 1805
Croppy, The BANIM, Michael 1828
Return to top Crusaders, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1820
Cumberland Cottager, The BRODERICK, Miss 1818
Curate and his Daughter, The SPENCE, Elizabeth Isabella 1813
Curiosity DE LUCE, Joan 1822
Curse of Ulrica, The ANON 1815
Cuthbert REEVE, Sophia 1828

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