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  Short Title Author Year
Bachelor and the Married Man, The LESTER, Elizabeth B. 1817
Bachelor, The MOORE, Thomas George 1809
Bachelor's Heiress, A WARD, Catherine George 1814
Bachelor's Journal, The BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1815
Bachelors' Miseries ANON 1814
Bachelor's Wife, The GALT, John 1824
Balance of Comfort, The ROSS, Mrs 1817
Baldwin BARHAM, Richard Harris 1820
Ballad Singer, The EDGEWORTH, Mrs 1814
Return to top Bandit Chief, The ANON 1818
Bandit's Bride, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1807
Banker's Daughters of Bristol, The ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.] 1824
Banks of the Carron, The ANON 1809
Banks of the Douro, The CLARK, Emily 1805
Banks of the Wye, The ANON 1808
Bannockburn ANON 1821
Barbara Markham ANON 1803
Bard of the West, The PECK, Frances 1818
Bard, The JONES, Evan 1809
Return to top Bardouc SARRAZIN, Adrien de 1815
Baron de Courcy, The ANON 1808
Baron de Falkenheim ANON 1807
Baron de Fleming LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1804
Baron de Fleming, the Son LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1804
Baron of Falconberg, The THOMAS, Elizabeth 1815
Baron of Lauderbrooke, The HOLLOWAY, William 1800
Baronet, The ANON 1800
Baron's Daughter, The KELLY, Isabella 1802
Barons of Felsheim, The PIGAULT-LEBRUN, Guillaume Charles Antoine 1804
Return to top Barouche Driver and his Wife, The SEDLEY, Charles [pseud?] 1807
Barozzi SMITH, Catherine 1815
Bath and London ANON 1811
Bath; a Satirical Novel BROWN, Thomas (the Elder) [pseud.] 1818
Beatrice, a Tale Founded on Facts HOFLAND, Barbara [formerly HOOLE, Barbara] 1829
Beatrice; or, the Wycherly Family WHITE, Mary 1824
Beau Monde, The ANON 1809
Beauchamp FIELDING, James Holroyd 1817
Beauford CARD, Henry 1811
Beauty of the British Alps, The GRIMSTONE, Mary Leman 1825
Return to top Beggar Boy, The BELLAMY, Thomas 1801
Belinda EDGEWORTH, Maria 1801
Belisarius GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1808
Bellgrove Castle WHITE, Thomas Henry 1803
Belmour DAMER, Anne Seymour 1801
Belville-House ANON 1805
Benevolent Monk, The MELVILLE, Theodore 1807
Benevolent Recluse, The ?DUNN, Lady 1810
Benignity ANON 1818
Bertrand ?LAYTON, Jemima or ?STARCK, Henry Savile de 1808
Betrothed Lovers, The MANZONI, Alessandro ; SWAN, Charles (trans.) 1828
Bigotry ANON 1821
Birthday, The DAGLEY, Elizabeth Frances 1828
Black Banner, The ANON 1811
Black Convent, The ANON 1819
Black Robber, The BALL, Edward 1819
Black Rock House ANON 1810
Blandfords, The MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1829
Return to top Bleddyn WICKENDEN, William S. 1821
Blighted Ambition ANON 1822
Blind Beggar, The DUCRAY-DUMINIL, François Guillaume ; ST CLAIR, Rosalia [pseud.](trans.) 1817
Blue Mountains, The ANON 1822
Blue-Stocking Hall CHETWODE, ?Anne 1827
Body and Soul WILKINS, George ?and SHEPHERD, William 1822
Book!!, The ANON 1812
Boon, The MANNERS, William 1810
Return to top Border Chieftains, The HOUGHTON, Mary 1813
Borderers, The COOPER, James Fenimore 1829
Borderers, The STRUTT, Elizabeth [formerly BYRON, Elizabeth] 1812
Bouverie HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1812
Boyne Water, The BANIM, John and BANIM, Michael 1826
Bracebridge Hall IRVING, Washington 1822
Brambleton Hall ANON 1818
Brambletye House SMITH, Horatio 1826
Bravo of Bohemia, The ANON 1806
Return to top Bravo of Venice, The ZSCHOKKE, Johann Heinrich ; LEWIS, Matthew Gregory (trans.) 1805
Bravo's Son, The FARROW, Witham 1810
Brazen Mask PUTNEY, Charlotte 1826
Brick Bolding SEWRIN, Charles Augustin de Bassompierre 1804
Bridal of Dunamore ROCHE, Regina Maria 1823
Bride and No Wife, A MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1817
Bride of Obeyda, The ANON 1827
Bride's Embrace on the Grave, The ARNOLD, Ignaz Ferdinand ; GEISWEILER, Maria (trans.) 1802
Return to top Brighton in an Uproar MORIARTY, Henrietta Maria 1811
Brighton; or, the Steyne BROWN, Thomas (the Elder) [pseud.] 1818
Bristol Heiress, The SLEATH, Eleanor 1809
British Admiral, The ARNOLD, Lieut 1808
British Soldier and Sailor, The ANON 1811
Brother Jonathan NEAL, John 1825
Brothers in High Life, The JOHNSON, Mrs D. 1813
Brothers, The HUISH, Robert 1820
Brougham Castle HARVEY, Jane 1816
Brownie of Bodsbeck, The HOGG, James 1818
Return to top Bruno IRELAND, Samuel William Henry 1804
Burton M'CHRONICLE, Ronald [pseud.] 1825
Busy-Bodies, The CORBETT, Marion and CORBETT, Margaret 1827
But Which? ?WHITFIELD, Henry 1807

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