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  Short Title Author Year
Abbess of Valtiera, The LANCASTER, Agnes 1816
Abbey of Innismoyle, The BUNBURY, Selina 1828
Abbey of Weyhill, The ANON 1805
Abbot of Montserrat GREEN, William Child 1826
Abbot, The SCOTT, Sir Walter 1820
Abduction, The ANON 1825
Aben-Hamet CHATEAUBRIAND, François René, Vicomte de 1826
Abissinian Reformer, The LUCAS, Charles 1808
Absent Man, The PLASTIC, Sir Peter [pseud.] 1817
Return to top Acceptance, The ANON 1810
Accomplished Hippocrite, The D., A. 1822
Accusing Spirit, The PILKINGTON, Miss 1802
Actress of the Present Day, The ANON 1817
Actress, The MAXWELL, Caroline 1823
Ada Reis LAMB, Lady Caroline 1823
Adamina ANON 1801
Adelaide de Grammont ANON 1804
Adelaide De Narbonne CRAIK, Helen 1800
Adelaide: Or, the Countercharm CUTHBERTSON, Catherine 1813
Return to top Adelaide; or, the Chateau de St Pierre EDGEWORTH, Mrs 1806
Adéle SEBRIGHT, Paul 1824
Adeline Mowbray OPIE, Amelia Alderson 1805
Adeline St Julian KER, Anne 1800
Adolphe CONSTANT DE REBECQUE, Benjamin Henri ; WALKER, Alexander (trans.) 1816
Adolphe and Blanche LANTIER, Étienne Francois ; SHOBERL, Frederick (trans.) 1803
Adolphe and Selanie DUBOIS, Henri Leopold 1824
Adonia RICHARDSON, Caroline E. 1801
Return to top Adulteress, The ANON 1810
Adventurers, The O'DRISCOL, John 1825
Adventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti, The PRICHARD, Thomas Jeffery Llewelyn 1828
Adventures of a Dramatist on a Journey to the London Managers, The FRERE, Benjamin 1813
Adventures of a French Serjeant BARBAROUX, Charles Ogé and LARDIER, Joseph Alexandre 1826
Adventures of a King's Page, The WHITE, Charles 1829
Adventures of a Seven-Shilling Piece, The HAMILTON, Ann Mary 1811
Adventures of a Young Rifleman MÄMPEL, Johann C. 1826
Adventures of an Ostrich Feather of Quality, The ANON 1812
Return to top Adventures of Cooroo, The LAMBERT, C. D. L. 1805
Adventures of Dick Distich, The DANIEL, George 1812
Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, in England, The MORIER, James Justinian 1828
Adventures of Hajji Baba, The MORIER, James Justinian 1824
Adventures of Naufragus, The HORNE, Moffat James 1827
Adventures of Ralph Reybridge, The LINLEY, William 1809
Adventures of Victor Allen, The KING, Sophia [afterwards FORTNUM, Sophia] 1805
Advertisement, The CLARK, Elizabeth 1818
Age and Youth LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius 1813
Age We Live in. A Novel, The STANHOPE, Louisa Sidney 1809
Return to top Age We Live in: A Fragment, The ANON 1813
Agnes ANON 1801
Agnes de Lilien WOLZOGEN, Caroline von ; SHOWES, Mrs (trans.) 1801
Agnes; or, the Triumph of Principle ANON 1822
Albany ANON 1819
Albigenses, The MATURIN, Charles Robert 1824
Alderman and the Peer, The BYRON, 'Medora Gordon' 1810
Alexena BELL, Nugent [pseud?] 1817
Alexis ANON 1812
Return to top Alfred PARKER, Mary Elizabeth 1802
Alfred of Normandy MAXWELL, Caroline 1808
Algerine Captive, The TYLER, Royall 1802
Algernon Percy ANON 1803
Alice HUME, Grace Stuart 1823
Alice Allan WILSON, Alexander 1825
Alicia de Lacy WEST, Jane 1814
Alidia and Cloridan ANON 1811
Alinda BEAUCLERC, Amelia 1812
All Sorts of Lovers SUMMERSETT, Henry 1811
Return to top Alla Giornata BURY, Lady Charlotte Susan Maria 1826
Almack's HUDSON, Marianne Spencer 1826
Almack's Revisited WHITE, Charles 1828
Alphonsine GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1806
Alphonso GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de 1809
Alphonso di Borgo ANON 1800
Alpine Tale, An ANON 1823
Altham and his Wife OLLIER, Charles 1818
Aluredus ANON 1800
Alvar and Seraphina CANTON, John 1804
Return to top Alvondown Vicarage ?ROCHE, Regina Maria 1807
Alzylia WEIMAR, Miss 1808
Amabel HERVEY, Elizabeth 1814
Amasina ANON 1804
Amatonda HEYNE, Christian Leberecht ; ROBINSON, Henry Crabb (trans.) 1811
Amatory Tales of Spain, France, Switzerland, and the Mediterranean SCOTT, Honoria [pseud?] 1810
Amazement MEEKE, Mary 1804
Ambassador's Secretary, The HARVEY, Jane 1828
Ambition LEWIS, Mary Gogo 1825
Return to top Amelia Mansfield COTTIN, Sophie Ristaud 1803
American Savage, The BARNBY, Mrs 1808
American, The HIGGINS, William 1803
Amonaida ANON 1811
Amoroso DUDLEY, Frederick 1809
Amurath, Prince of Persia ANON 1815
Anastasius HOPE, Thomas 1819
Ancient Records CURTIES, T. J. Horsley 1801
Andrew of Padua FURBO, Francisco and VALLADERRAS, Leandra de 1820
Return to top Andrew Stuart HANWAY, Mary Ann 1800
Anecdotes of a Croat MATCHAM, George 1821
Anecdotes of a Croat; or, the Castle of Serai MATCHAM, George 1823
Anecdotes of the Altamont Family MEEKE, Mary 1800
Angelion BENKOWITZ, Karl Friederich von ; GEISWEILER, Maria (trans.) 1816
Angelo Guicciardini FRANCES, Sophia 1809
Angel's Form and a Devil's Heart, An DAVENPORT, Selina 1818
Anglo-Irish of the Nineteenth Century, The BANIM, John 1828
Anglo-Saxons, The ARMSTRONG, Leslie 1806
Return to top Ankerwick Castle CROFFTS, Mrs 1800
Anna ROCHE, Mrs 1815
Annaline HAWKINS, Laetitia-Matilda 1824
Annals of Orlingbury, The ANON 1815
Annals of the Family of M'Roy STODDART, Lady Isabella Wellwood 1823
Annals of the Parish GALT, John 1821
Anne of Brittanny ANON 1810
Anne of Geierstein SCOTT, Sir Walter 1829
Anselmo: A Tale of Italy VIEUSSEUX, André 1825
Anselmo; or, the Day of Trial HILL, Mary 1813
Return to top Anston Park EDMESTON, James 1821
Antar HAMILTON, Terrick 1819
Anti-Delphine STRUTT, Elizabeth [formerly BYRON, Elizabeth] 1806
Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life CORP, Harriet 1807
Antiquary, The SCOTT, Sir Walter 1816
Any Thing but What You Expect HARVEY, Jane 1819
Aretas PARKER, Emma 1813
Ariana and Maud MOORE, Marian 1803
Ariel ISAACS, Mrs 1801
Armenian, The SCHILLER, Johann Christoph Friedrich ; RENDER, Wilhelm (trans.) 1800
Arnold ANON 1809
Arrivals from India MOSSE, Henrietta Rouviere 1812
Arthur Mervyn BROWN, Charles Brockden 1803
Arthur Seymour ANON 1824
Artless Tales HURRY, Margaret 1808
Arwed Gyllensterna VELDE, Carl Franz van der 1827
Asmodeus SEDLEY, Charles [pseud?] 1808
Assassin of St Glenroy, The HOLSTEIN, Anthony Frederick [pseud.] 1810
Astonishment!!! LATHOM, Francis 1802
Return to top Astrologer, The HALES, J. M. H. 1820
At Home BURDETT, Mrs C. D. 1828
Atala CHATEAUBRIAND, François René, Vicomte de 1802
Atrocities of a Convent RICKMAN, Thomas 'Clio' 1808
Aubrey DALLAS, Robert Charles 1804
Augustus ANON 1820
Augustus & Adelina HAYNES, Miss C. D. [afterwards GOLLAND, Mrs C. D.] 1819
Augustus and Mary MUDFORD, William 1803
Aunt and the Niece, The ANON 1804
Aureus OAKLEY, Peregrine 1824
Return to top Aurora DUPERCHE, J.-J.-M. ; DUFOUR, Camilla (trans.) 1803
Author and the Two Comedians, The ANON 1802
Authoress, The TAYLOR, Jane 1819
Autumn at Cheltenham, An HURSTONE, J. P. 1808
Avenger, The ANON 1810
Aylmers, The BAYLY, Nathaniel Thomas Haynes 1827
Ayrshire Legatees, The GALT, John 1821

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