Title details for Harold the Exile:

Year: 1819.
Author(s): Alicia WYNDHAM
Gender: Female.
Publication: London: * * * * * * *, 1819.
Format: 3 vols (I 284p; II 312p; III 322p). 12°.
Cat. nos: Corvey; CME 3-628-47627-5; EN2 1819: 73; NSTC 2H8648; OCLC 12572024.
Notes: First of a sequence of 'Introductory Letters' from Geneva to the correpondent's sister, vol. 1, pp. [1]83, signed 'Alicia W.'; and further letters in this sequence, similiarly written to a sister, signed 'A. W.'. It seems unclear from the context whether these are entirely fictitious or not. List of 'Popular Novels' (2 pp. unn.) published by Henry Colburn at end of vol. 3. Sadleir (Item 87) states 'This curious novel is a satire on Byron, Caroline Lamb and other contemporaries. The asterisked imprint is unique in my experience in nineteenth-century publishing'. A note on the catalogue card at Trinity College, Dublin, records: 'Possibly by Alicia Wyndham, a member of the noted Welsh family who intermarried with the Wyndham-Quinn family of Adare from whence this copy comes.' Printer's marks (verso of t.p.) and colophons in all vols of 'J. Gillet, Printer, Crown-Court, Fleet-Street, London'.
DBF record no: 1819A073.

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