Title details for Isabel:

Year: 1810.
Author(s): Charles LLOYD 
Gender: Male.
Publication: London: Sold by Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme; and Sherwood, Neely, and Jones. Ulverston: Printed and sold by J. Soulby, 1810.
Format: 2 vols (I xliv, 203p; II 270p). 12°.
Cat. nos: MH-H 1849438*; EN2 1810: 60; xNSTC; xOCLC.
Notes: Preface, dated 1 Nov 1809, states: 'The following Tale was, in the main, written more than ten years ago: it has since undergone some alterations'. ECB 350 lists Baldwin edn, 1820, 10s.
Further edns: 1820 (NSTC 2L18659, Corvey), CME 3-628-48036-1. BL C.39.g.26 (Charles and Henry Baldwin, London, 1820) includes an 'Advertisement' stating that the work was first printed in 1810 'in a remote country place, in the North of England, at which the author resided', and then laid aside until a change of location encouraged publication in 1820. The Bodleian copy (256.e.14895) and Corvey copy have no 'Advertisement', and a different imprint, reading: 'London: C. & J. Ollier, Vere Street, Bond Street, 1820'. Both 1820 issues seen acknowledge Lloyd's authorship on the t.p.
DBF record no: 1810A063.

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