Title details for Swiss Emigrants, The:

Year: 1804.
Author(s): Hugh MURRAY 
Gender: Male.
Publication: London: Printed for T. N. Longman and O. Rees, Paternoster Row, 1804.
Format: 1 vol. (126p). 12°.
Cat. nos: Corvey; CME 3-628-48796-X; ECB 572; EN2 1804: 52; NSTC M3703; OCLC 6620022.
Notes: Preface (19 pp. unn.) outlining background of Swiss Revolution in 1798. Advs (15 pp. unn.) at the end incorporating a long critique, from MR, of Henry Zschokke's History of the Invasion of Switzerland. The Swiss Emigrants is one of several works subsequently claimed by Louisa Theresa Bellenden Ker (see RLF 11: 400, Item 6 [1822?]), though this title has hitherto been widely attributed to Hugh Murray.
Further edns: 2nd edn 1806 (NSTC).
DBF record no: 1804A054.

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