British Fiction, 18001829

ANON. Tales of Truth (1800)

Contemporary Reviews

Critical Review, 2nd ser. 31 (Apr 1801): 475.

Patronage may arise from benevolence and charity, as well as from a sense of merit, or a wish to raise genius to notice. To the former motives we must attribute the duchess’s attention, for we cannot speak highly of the literary qualifications of the lady, who presents us with the ‘Tales of Truth.’ The first volume contains the old story of Titus and Berenice; the second and third two others, much too far extended, and seldom highly interesting. The ladies, moreover, are somewhat susceptible of the belle passion, though the cheek of innocence is not sullied by a blush at the recital, nor is one principle of virtue undermined in the progress or the result. This merit we can cheerfully concede, though, as an interesting or an entertaining novelist, we cannot grant our fair author’s claim.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 4 vols 12mo; price 14s. Sewed. Publisher: Dutton.

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