British Fiction, 18001829

YOUNG, Mary Julia. Moss Cliff Abbey (1803)

Contemporary Reviews

Critical Review 3rd ser. 1 (Jan 1804): 119.

In the days of Curl, a ‘taking title’ was as fashionable as at present; and we augur well of the success of the Sepulchral Harmonist, in these days when ghosts and mysteries are so fashionable. The novel, though abounding with events scarcely within the verge of probability, is interesting, from its frequent and sudden changes of fortune: the characters, however, are in no respect new, and merely captivate from their situation; and, while we ‘incredulously hate’ the unexpected alternations of misery and happiness, disapprobation vanishes, in our eagerness to follow the events. —We have laughed a little at the ghost of an opera tune; but this is the ghost of an elegy; and the poetry is wild and ‘full of fantasy,’ well adapted to the situation. The Booth and Amelia of Fielding seem to have been in Miss Young’s view, when she sketched George and Harriet Newton.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 4 vols 12mo; price 12s. Boards. Publisher: Crosby & Co.

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