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HUNTER, Rachel. Letitia (1801)

Contemporary Reviews

Critical Review, 2nd ser. 34 (Mar 1802): 355–56.

A fitter title for this work would have been ‘The Letitias,’ for it is the history of three—the grandmother, mother, and daughter. Miss Letitia Dashmore marries Mr. Marchmount; their daughter Letitia marries Mr. Rushwood; and, again, their daughter Letitia marries Alfred Langstone. The first of these ladies is but seventeen when her story commences, and the novel is not concluded till the last has presented her husband with two boys. It is a pity that Mrs. Hunter did not make one of them a girl, and then she might have gone on with the history of Letitia ad infinitum. The work [355/356] however is not destitute of merit; but the continuation ‘from generation to generation’ cannot fail to tire a reader’s patience.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 4 vols 12mo; price 1l.1s. Boards. Publisher: Longman & Rees.

Monthly Review, 2nd ser. 39 (Dec 1802): 427.

Mrs. Hunter has shewn both talents and judgment in this performance: but the scenes, especially in the first volume, are so rapidly shifted, and the attention is so much distracted with stage bustle, that the story seems to drag. In the second volume, the interest is more kept up: but the multiplicity of characters presented to our acquaintance, as we proceed, scarcely allows us time for proper discrimination, and the mind with difficulty retains the thread of the plot. On the whole, the novel has a good tendency in endeavouring to communicate that knowledge of the world, without which it is impossible to have the true enjoyment of it.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 4 vols 12mo; price £1. 1s. Boards. Publisher: Longman & Rees.

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