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ANON. Eversfield Abbey (1806)

Contemporary Reviews

Critical Review, 3rd ser. 7 (Mar 1806): 329.

This novel, like some modern comedies, may very fairly be allowed to run the usual season, and perhaps for the benefit of the authoress.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 3 vols 8vo; no price. Publisher: Crosby.

Flowers of Literature (1805): lxii.

Amongst the new novels which were sent to us at the close of the year, and which we recommend as being extremely interesting and unexceptionable, having perused them most attentively, are, The Eventful Marriage, in four volumes; Ferdinand and Amelia, in three volumes; and Eversfield Abbey, three volumes; all of which are modestly published without the names of the authors. They are probably of the opinion, that

‘Fame, the great ill, from small beginnings grows
Swift from the first, and every moment brings
New vigour to her flights, new pinions to her wings. DRYDEN’.

Notes: From ‘Introduction: Novelists’.

Monthly Review, 2nd ser. 53 (Aug 1807): 436.

Strong colours are here employed in pourtraying the opposite characters of the heroine Agnes Eversfield, and her cousin Mary Hotham; the one is a pattern of piety, meekness, forbearance, resignation, patience, and obedience to her parents; while the other is confident, impetuous, inflexible, excentric [sic], romantic, and undutiful. In the happiness which attends the former, and the misery which overwhelms the latter, the young female reader may learn an excellent lesson to direct her through life.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 3 vols 12mo; price 9s. Sewed. Publisher: Crosby.

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