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SANDS, James. Eventful Marriage, The (1806)

Contemporary Reviews

Critical Review, 3rd ser. 7 (Mar 1806): 329.

This is a spirited performance. The incidents are interesting; and the language is above mediocrity. The scene lies in the region of romantic adventure, Spain; and the characters are well delineated. Dons, duennas, and abigails, flit across the stage with as much rapidity as any female-spectator could wish.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 4 vols 8vo; no price. Publisher: Crosby.

Flowers of Literature (1805): 420–21.

[Header only is on p. 420; notice proper is on p. 421].

The author has already gained much credit by his works of fancy; but the present novel is rendered doubly interesting, by the combination of historical facts. The language is chaste and elegant.

Notes: Format: 4 vols 12mo; price 16s. Publisher: Crosby. This title is also mentioned in an introductory section on ‘Novelists’ in Flowers of Literature for 1805: ‘Amongst the new novels which were sent to us at the close of the year, and which we recommend as being extremely interesting and unexceptionable, having perused them most attentively, are, The Eventful Marriage, in four volumes; Ferdinand and Amelia, in three volumes; and Eversfield Abbey, three volumes; all of which are modestly published without the names of the authors. They are probably of the opinion, that // ‘Fame, the great ill, from small beginnings grows / Swift from the first, and every moment brings / New vigour to her flights, new pinions to her wings.” DRYDEN’ (p. lxii).

Monthly Review, 2nd ser. 51 (Nov 1806): 320.

Consistently with justice, we cannot say any thing in favor of this long story; which, we should imagine, would prove tiresome and insipid even to novel-readers.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 4 vols 12mo; price 18s. 6d. Publisher: Crosby & Co.

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