British Fiction, 18001829

HARTSTONGE, Matthew Weld. Eve of All-Hallows, The (1825)

Contemporary Reviews

La Belle Assemblée, 3rd ser. 1 (1825): 305.

We recollect an interesting little sketch, in last year’s Literary Souvenir, founded upon a well-known tradition; and upon that sketch an ingenious writer has recently constructed a romance, in three volumes, entitled, ‘The Eve of All-Hallows, or Adelaide of Tyrconnel.’ The leading incidents of this romance are described as occurring in the reign of James II. of England; the writer’s feelings and principles are evidently warm in favour of the unhappy family of Stuart, and the charm of a strong historical, and even political interest, is thus thrown around the work, which is entitled to rank amongst the most respectable of its class.

Notes: Review is in Supplement to 1825. Listed under heading ‘Novelists’.

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