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JOHNSON, Mrs D. Brothers in High Life, The (1813)

Contemporary Reviews

Critical Review, 4th ser. 4 (Aug 1813): 218.

Mrs. D. Johnson did very right to inform the world, that the above work is a novel, or it might have puzzled the wisest of the wise to know what it is, or was intended to be. But, it is a novel;—and contains the greatest farrago of nonsense that ever was published. What the lady could be thinking of when she committed such trash to the press, is not for us to determine; but, if she had put her composition on the back of the fire, it would have been no loss to the world, and more credit to herself.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 3 vols; no price. Publisher: Kearsley.

Monthly Review, 2nd ser. 73 (Mar 1814): 318.

Surely, this can only be a specimen of ‘High Life below Stairs,’ since one of ‘The Brothers’ takes leave of his mother by saying, ‘Your Ladyship! farewell.’ Throughout the book, the expressions are equally vulgar, and the grammar is glaringly incorrect. Even the moral tendency of the work deserves no commendation, and the conduct of the best characters is regulated neither by sense nor principle.

Notes: Listed under ‘Monthly Catalogue: Novels’. Format: 3 vols 12mo; no price. Publisher: Kearsley.

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