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SHERER, Joseph Moyle. Tales of the Wars of our Times (1829)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Owen Rees to Captain Joseph Moyle Sherer.
30 Oct 1827.
You should by all means devote yourself to the ‘Tales of the Wars of our Times’ which we shall be most happy to engage in. You cannot employ yourself on any thing better.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 102, no. 56B.
Notes: The typed transcript of this letter in the Longman Archives indicates that ‘Capn Sherer’ is written above the salutation in pencil.

Letter from Longman & Co to Captain Joseph Moyle Sherer.
21 Nov 1828.
I have submitted your Letter to my partners; and it is decidedly our opinion that the sacrifice you would be making by publishing the Tale to which you allude for the Benefit of the Refugees is such as the case by no means demands from [deleted: a person of restricted limited Income] you; for it is not merely the value of this seperate [sic] tale, but the injury that would be done by its publication to the pecuniary value of the Tales of the Wars, which would be most seriously deteriorated by the avant publication of a Tale of War. We would therefore seriously advise you to abandon the idea.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 102, no. 97D (draft).
Notes: The typed transcript of this letter in the Longman Archives records further deleted words that are not given here.

Ledger Entries:

Impression Book Entry, Longman & Co.
May 1829.
The impression consisted of 1750 copies. The printer was Spottiswoode.
To advertising: 50. 0. 0
Payment to author: 400. 0. 0.
May–Aug 1829. Copies sent to the following: 25 May, 1 copy to the Literary Gazette; 28 May, 16 copies to Sundries; 30 May, 1 copy D. Noad Esq.; 5 June, 1 copy to the Monthly Magazine; 1 Aug, 1 copy to author; [?Aug 1829], 1 copy to The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine.
Source: Longman Impression Book No. 9, fol. 20v.
Notes: The impression book appears to show that 1 copy of the Literary Gazette was sent to
Sherer on 30 May. A note at the bottom of the entry states ‘Less expended in Ad[vertisin]g Major S’s Works than charged by £29. 18. 7’. This is possibly for the advertising of both Tales of the Wars and Story of a Life, also published by Longman & Co.

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