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LEFANU, Alicia. Tales of a Tourist (1823)

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Letter from Longman & Co to Alicia Lefanu.
28 Aug 1821.
Your letter of the 22d reached us yesterday and we have given its contents our best consideration. In consequence of the little success we have had with your former work [Leolin Abbey (EN2 1819: 44)] we beg leave to decline engaging in the one you have now the goodness to propose to us.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 101, no. 167A (draft).
Notes: The typed transcript of this letter in the Longman Archives records a deleted word that is not given here. The letter is addressed to Lefanu at Northampton. No specific title is mentioned in the letter, so the work referred to could be either Tales of a Tourist or Don Juan de las Sierras (EN2 1823: 54), both of which were published by A. K. Newman & Co in 1823.


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