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FLETCHER, Grenville. Rosalviva (1824)

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Letter from Grenville Fletcher to Cosmo Orme.
22 Dec 1823.
Mr Fletcher’s compts to Mr Orme & will he have the goodness to signify whether he has had an opportunity of perusing the MSS of ‘Rosalviva or the Demon Dwarf’. Mr. F. would not have been thus pressing save that he has some literary occupations upon the carpet, & remains as yet undetermined which to complete in the first instance.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 101, no. 408A.
Notes: This letter appears on the verso of a draft letter to the Revd William Kirby. The letter to Kirby appears to bear no relation to that about Rosalviva. Fletcher’s letter is addressed from 10 Somers Place, New Road. In the event Rosalviva was not published by Longman, but by Matthew Iley (London) in 1824.

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