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WALKER, Anne. Rich and Poor (1823)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from J. Grahame to William Blackwood.
16 June 1823.
I have received your letter of the 13th Inst. offering for the Copyright of ‘Rich and Poor’ the price of Two hundred and Fifty guineas, payable by two instalments—first One hundred guineas payable by a Bill at 12 Months from this date—second One hundred & fifty guineas payable by a Bill at 12 Months from the day when a Second edition is put to press. // This offer I have communicated to the author of the Book who desires me to convey to you her acknowledgment of its liberality and her acceptance of it. In her name therefore and as having power from her I accept the offer.
Source: E, MS 4010, fol. 171.

Letter from William Blackwood to John Wilson.
19 June 1823.
By this days Mail I have forwarded Rich & Poor [...].
Source: E, MS 3395, fol. 3v.

Letter from David Macbeth Moir to William Blackwood.
[June 1823].
I have just got to the conclusion of ‘Rich and Poor’ and find it a strange medley of a production, combining narrowness of perception and feeling with extended views and genuine sensibility, occasional acuteness of observation with a wild breaking in of silliness, and every where are a sacrifice of judgment to supposed principles. Wherever the authoress (for the female hand is evident throughout) has laid aside, or studied not to bring forward her peculiar views of God and Nature, and trusts herself with an exhibition of the workings of human intellect and the ebullition of human passion the narrative flows on in a clear and rapid stream [...]. [107/107v] But the great question, you will say, remains to be solved—do you think the Book will have a run? With the common herd of novel readers it will not; less, perhaps from the Calvinistic severity of its doctrines, than from its unelaborated [illeg.] and almost scorn of a plot. The denouement is what all that class look forward to; and here is none to entice them. On the other hand the Highflyers will be all up in a body for its defence.
Source: E, MS 4011, fol. 107.
Notes: Dated Friday Morning; contemporary docket on cover has June 1823 which matches the time of negotiation over this title from the letter of 16 June 1823. Moir (1798–1851) was a contributor and literary advisor to the magazine, and also wrote Mansie Wauch (EN2 1828:58).

Letter from William Blackwood to John Wilson.
28 Aug 1823.
[postscript] Maginn thinks Rich & Poor is quite the Book for[?MS torn] you to review. It has sold a great deal better than[?MS torn] I expected.
Source: E, MS 3395, fol. 8.

Letter from Caroline Bowles to William Blackwood.
11 Aug 1824.
I should like to know who wrote ‘Rich & Poor’? Whether a Male or Female Author?
Source: E, MS 4013, fol. 117.

Note in Blackwood’s copybook.
6 Feb 1824.
[recording that he wrote to ask Cadell to advertise Rich and Poor]
Source: E, MS 30301, p. 304.

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