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THOMAS, Elizabeth. Purity of Heart (1816)

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Letter from Lady Caroline Lamb to John Murray II.
5 Nov 1816.
I send you a book; pray read it—‘Lady Calantha Limb.’ The authoress, actuated by a holy zeal, says in her preface that she is resolved to turn me into ridicule. She chooses an easy task—too easy, I fear—yet fails, and makes a most blundering business. Wit’s razor’s edge she has not, but a most unkind tongue to make up for it.
Source: Smiles, I, 379; also in Murray Archives, Byron Box 4A, Folder 2.
Notes: Lady Calantha Limb is the main character in the novel Purity of Heart, which is ‘Addressed to the Author of Glenarvon’. ‘Calantha’ is the name of the heroine of Lamb’s Glenarvon (EN2 1816: 40).

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