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PORTER, Jane. Pastor's Fire-Side, The (1817)

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Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Owen Rees to Miss [Jane?] Porter.
31 May 1816.
I have duly received your two volumes of MSS which we shall immediately commit to the printer; and the proofs shall be sent to your Sister as you desire. // In compliance with your request, I enclose two Bills to the amount of Two Hundred Guineas. The first Bill I have made at two months, which is a usual discountable date, & the other at 4 months, these, I trust will answer your purpose The Fifty Pounds, & the other matters on your account, shall stand over as you wish. Copies of the Novels were sent on Monday to Mrs Keen & Mrs Bartley. If you wish two or three more copies they are at your command. [postscript] I hope your health will be benefited by the change of Air.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 99, no. 229 (draft).
Notes: It is unclear whether the letter is addressed to Jane or Anna Maria Porter. The salutation is simply ‘My dear Madam’. It is also unclear which title is referred to in the letter: the timing would seem to indicate The Pastor’s Fireside, which was being advertised in The Morning Chronicle in July 1816. The 3rd edn of The Scottish Chiefs was advertised under the heading ‘Books published this day’ in The Morning Chronicle for 13 & 17 July 1816. The 2nd edn of The Recluse of Norway was advertised under the same heading in The Morning Chronicle for 30 Mar & 5 Apr 1816, so it is likely that the new edns of Recluse and the Scottish Chiefs are those novels Longman reports sending to Mrs Keen and Mrs Bartley.

Letter from Longman & Co to Miss [Jane] Porter.
17 May 1825.
I have submitted your wishes to my partners, & we will with pleasure give you the accommodation you desire on account of your new romance: but we think it right to premise that as to terms for the [deleted: work] copyright, from the non success of Duke Christian we must revert to those [deleted: terms] arranged for the Pastors Fireside.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 101, no. 507B (draft).
Notes: The salutation is ‘My dear Miss P.’ This points to Jane as the addressee of the letter, as she is the elder sister and thus by convention would be addressed as ‘Miss Porter’. It is likely that the ‘new romance’ referred to here is Tales Round a Winter Hearth (1826: 64). Both Duke Christian of Luneburg (EN2 1824: 77) and The Pastor’s Fireside were written by Jane Porter, which indicates that the letter refers to the work she co-authored with her sister, Tales Round a Winter Hearth (EN2 1826: 64).

Letter from Owen Rees to Anna Maria Porter.
24 Dec 1825.
You are mistaken as to the terms of the Pastor’s Fireside the sum was £420 for which we have Miss P’s receipt, half paid in advance, & the remainder on publication. We afterwards made her a present of £50. For a new Novel or Romance we have agreed to give her the same terms as those of Duke Christian.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 101, no. 520C.
Notes: Letter primarily concerns Tales Round a Winter Hearth. The typed transcript of this letter in the Longman Archives records a deleted word that is not given here.

Letter from Owen Rees to Miss Porter.
9 March 1831.
As we are in constant communication with Mr Colburne [sic], he should have applied to us direct as the publishers of your works. // We will thank you to inform Mr Phillipport that we have stocks of most [deleted: if not] of your Novels, & that we shall not be unwilling to treat with Messrs Colburne and Bentley on reasonable terms for the stock and copyrights.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 102, no. 165A.
Notes: Jane Porter’s The Pastor’s Fireside, The Scottish Chiefs (EN2 1810: 68), and Thaddeus of Warsaw (EN2 1803: 59), and Anna Maria Porter’s Hungarian Brothers (EN2 1807: 52) appeared between May 1831 and July 1832 in Bentley’s Standard Novels series (Sadleir, II, 100–01).

Ledger Entries:

Impression Book Entry, Longman & Co.
11 Jan 1817.
The impression consisted of 5000 copies (2000 1st edn, 3000 2nd edn). The printer was Strahan
7 Jan 1817. Payment to author: 420. 0. 0.
To advertising: 60. 0. 0.
Jan–Dec 1817. Copies sent to the following: 13 Jan, 9 copies bds to Sundries p[er] author’s orders; 17 Jan, 1 copy to each the Monthly and Eclectic Reviews; 18 Jan, 3 copies to Porter; 22 Jan, 1 copy in morocco binding to author; 7 Feb, 1 copy to British Critic; 15 Feb, 1 copy to British Lady’s Magazine; 20 Feb, 1 copy to Lord Radylock[?]; 26 Feb, 1 copy to Mr Hazlitt; 11 Mar, 1 copy in morocco binding to Duke Nicholas; 3 June, 3 copies bds to author; 15 Dec, 1 copy bds to Miss P[orter]. One further copy was sent to Miss P[orter] on 1 Oct 1819.
Source: Longman Impression Book No. 6, fol. 68v.

Impression Book Entry, Longman & Co.
Jan 1821.
[3rd edn] The impression consisted of 500 copies. The printer was Spottiswoode.
To advertising: 25. 0. 0; to further advertising, [n.d.], 13. 4. 5; June 1828, 1. 6. 10.
Mar–May 1821. Copies sent to the following: 12 Mar, 1 copy bds to Miss Benger; 31 Mar, 1 copy each to Messrs Vaughan and Davies [or ‘Davis’]; 4 Apr, 1 copy bds to the Countess of Bessboro [sic]; 25 May, 3 copies bds to Sundries; 26 May, 6 copies bds to author. One additional copy was sent to the author on 19 Aug 1823.
Source: Longman Impression Book No. 7, fol. 111.
Notes: It appears from impression book entry No. 6, fol. 69 (see above), that Longman & Co combined the 1st and 2nd edns in an impression of 5000 copies: so, although ‘2nd edn’ is written at the top of this 1821 entry, it is technically for the 3rd edn.

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