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HOOD, Thomas. National Tales (1827)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Thomas Hood to William Blackwood.
Mr H has besides a volume of 20 short Tales (original) somewhat in the manner of Boccaccio (one of them, ‘The Owl’ is printed in Friendship’s Offering of the present year) [201/201v] which it strikes him might suit the Mag. to be published afterwards in a volume or in 2 Vols—one of which could be written (materials being ready) whilst the first vol went thro the Magazine. Or Mr B would be willing to treat perhaps for the Volume now written as a single one.
Source: E, MS 4019, fol. 201.
Notes: Date is conjectured from contents. Hood sends with this a copy of his Whims and Oddities in Prose and Verse (London, 1826). He asks to be addressed at Lower Street, Islington.

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