British Fiction, 18001829

HUNTER, Rachel. Letitia (1801)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Longman & Co to Thomas Hutchinson.
18 Mar 1813.
[Longman & Co have 450 unsold copies of ‘Palmerstones Letters’ on hand, having sold 300. They will pay the balance on the work by the end of the year and are planning to readvertise the work in the summer.] // We feel obliged by your suggestion respecting ‘Letitia’, but as we are very doubtful of the success of a reprint of that work at this time, notwithstanding the alterations you mention, we would rather decline engaging in the speculation.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 98, no. 33.
Notes: Rachel Hunter’s Letters from Mrs Palmerstone to her daughter first appeared in 1803; a 2nd edn was published by Longman in 1810.

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