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CRUMPE, Miss M. G. T. Geraldine of Desmond (1829)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Thomas Campbell to Francis Jeffrey.
16 Feb 1829
I am going to bespeak your good graces on behalf of […] Miss Crumpe […] My opinion that her talents are splendid, would be as convinced as it is, if she were the ugliest Woman in England, & I should feel myself equally bound—if she were so—to convey to you that opinion, formed on perusing part of her work, as well as to tell you Tom Moore’s high estimate of the same book, in order that when she comes before your tribunal, as a Critic you may have the testimony of persons in her favour, which though of certainty cannot sway your judgment in the least, yet may possibly and by no means unfairly soften your disposition as to the manner of treating her […] Her father was a truly great man, though cut off at the age of 30 when his child was unborn and his death was caused by his heroic compassion towards a suffering fellow creature […] He left besides the beautiful orphan whose forthcoming book “The Daughter of Desmond” I anticipate will take its place in the first class of Romances—a widow who is still alive and a more excellent and suitable person I do not know […].
Source: E, MS 3398, fol. 2.
Notes: Crumpe’s father was Samuel Crumpe (DNB). The novel is dedicated to Thomas Moore.

Letter from Walter Scott to Walter Scott (son).
10 Oct [1829].
Miss Crumpe sent me a flourishing letter with her last babe to which I sent as flourishing a reply. I think Tom Campbel[l] has fallen in fancy with her for he wrote a most earnest entreaty to Jeffrey to treat her favourable.
Source: Grierson, XII, 468; also see Millgate # 3509.
Notes: Year is from contents.

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