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PORTER, Anna Maria. Fast of St Magdalen, The (1818)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Owen Rees to Miss Anna Maria Porter.
27 Dec 1820.
[Letter principally concerns The Village of Mariendorpt (EN2 1821: 62).] It was £400 we paid you for the Fast of St Margaret [sic] […].
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 101, no. 69.

Ledger Entries:

Impression Book Entry, Longman & Co.
29 Oct [1818].
The impression consisted of 2000 copies. The printer was Strahan.
Payment to author: 400. 0. 0 [written in pencil].
To advertising: 40. 0. 0.
Oct–Nov [1818]. Copies sent to the following: 30 Oct, 11 copies bds [per] author to Sundries; 10 Nov, 1 copy to Literary Gazette; 16 Nov, 1 copy to each the Monthly Review and La Belle Assemblée; 18 Nov, 1 copy to the British Critic; 23 Nov, 1 copy to Edinburgh Monthly Review.
Source: Longman Impression Book No. 6, fol. 200.
Notes: It is possible that the impression of 2000 copies was for the 1st and 2nd edns combined.

Impression Book Entry, Longman & Co.
Aug [1819].
The 3rd edn consisted of 500 copies. The printer was Strahan.
To advertising: 20. 0. 0.
4 Nov [1819]. 1 copy to ‘Sun’.
1 Feb 1820. 1 copy bds to author.
Source: Longman Impression Book No. 7, fol. 33v.
Notes: The entry appears to show that 1. 12. 4 of the advertising money was not expended. The copy sent to the ‘Sun’ is dated 4 Nov 1818, but 1819 is the more likely year, unless this accounts for a copy of the 1st or 2nd edn.

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