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MOORE, Hannah W. Ellen Ramsay (1824)

Publishing Papers

Correspondence, Journals, and Memoirs:

Letter from Longman & Co to Mr [William?] East.
14 Dec 1827.
Being informed that you have defaced or altered the title page of a Novel published by us in such a way as to deceive the public, & cause it to be supposed that the said work was written by Mrs Hannah More, we beg to state that unless every title page, so altered by you, be immediately restored to its original state, & due apology made, we must for our own reputation take such proceedings as will not be pleasant to you. Mr Tegg to whom we sold the books denies his having been guilty of the act.
Source: Longman Archives, Longman I, 102, no. 67A.
Notes: According to the BBTI, there was a London-based printer and stationer named William East active in the period 1825–39. This letter is signed Longman, Rees & Co rather than simply Longman & Co.

Ledger Entries:

Divide Ledger Entry, Longman & Co.
Mar 1824. The impression consisted of 750 copies.
Mar 1824–June 1827. Total outlay (paper, printing and misc. expenses): 175. 13. 9.
Mar 1824. To advertising: 30. 0. 0; only 22. 19. 0 was actually expended.
Mar 1824. Copies sent to the following: 9 Mar, 1 copy in morocco and 3 copies bds to Mr Lubé[?]; 10 Mar, 1 copy bds to Monthly Review; 15 Mar, 3 copies bds to Mr Lubé[?].
June 1824. By this date, 190 copies of the novel had been sold as follows: on 11 Mar, 25 copies sold as 24, for a total of 16. 10. 0; 165 sold for a total of 113. 8. 9.
June 1825. A further 40 copies had been sold by this date, for a total of 27. 10. 0.
June 1826. A further 7 copies had been sold by this date, for a total of 4. 16. 3.
June 1827. By this date, the remaining 494 copies had been sold as follows: 466 copies sold to Thomas Tegg at 0. 2. 3 each, for a total of 52. 8. 6; 28 copies sold at 0. 2. 3, for a total of 3. 3. 0.
Total amount from the sale of this novel: 217. 16. 6.
June 1827. Half profits to author, 9. 11. 11; half profits to Longman & Co, 9. 11. 10.
Source: Longman Divide Ledger 2D, p. 292.
Notes: The number of copies sent to Mr Lubé[?] may provide some clue to the authorship of this work: if he was not the author, it is possible that he was acting on the author’s behalf. Unless stated otherwise, copies of the work were accounted for at the trade price of 0. 13. 9 each. Copies in boards were distributed to individuals (including the author) and reviews at a cost of 0. 1. 3 each, and the copy in morocco binding at 0. 3. 0. The credit side of the ledger indicates that of the 30. 0. 0 allowed for advertising for this novel, 7. 1. 0 was not expended. A 2½ per cent commission, totalling 0. 4. 9, on 14 copies sold at Coffee House Sales was deducted on the debit side of the ledger. The Longman Impression Books give the date of the impression as Feb 1824, and show that the printer of the novel was Spottiswoode. See Longman Impression Book No. 8, fol. 24.

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