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British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

Publisher Index: Titles published by ‘Crosby, Benjamin & Co’: 56 titles (sorted by YEAR).

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Short Title
PROBY, William Charles Spirit of the Castle, The 1800
SMITH, Horatio Family Story, A 1800
SMITH, Horatio Runaway, The 1800
?WYNDHAM, Revd Tourville 1800
ANON Knight and Mason, The 1801
HOLSTEN, Esther Ernestina 1801
ANON History of Netterville, a Chance Pedestrian, The 1802
GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] Farmer's Boy, The 1802
MELVILLE, Theodore White Knight, The 1802
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DUPERCHE, J.-J.-M. ; DUFOUR, Camilla (trans.) Aurora 1803
GENLIS, Stéphanie Félicité, Comtesse de ; BARTON, James (trans?) Depraved Husband and the Philosophic Wife, The 1803
GUÉNARD, Elisabeth ; SARRETT, H. J. (trans.) Three Monks!!!, The 1803
NAUBERT, Christiane Benedicte Eugenie ; YOUNG, Mary Julia (trans.) Lindorf and Caroline 1803
WOODFALL, Sophia Frederick Montravers 1803
YOUNG, Mary Julia Moss Cliff Abbey 1803
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YOUNG, Mary Julia Right and Wrong 1803
MALARME, Charlotte de Bournon ; GOOCH, Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real (trans.) Can We Doubt It? 1804
HARRAL, Thomas Scenes of Life 1805
NORRIS, Mrs Second Love 1805
ANON Cottager's Daughter, The 1806
ANON Eversfield Abbey 1806
ANON Ferdinand and Amelia 1806
BRISTED, John Edward and Anna 1806
CAREY, David Secrets of the Castle 1806
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MANNERS, Catherine [afterwards STEPNEY, Catherine Lady] Castle Nuovier 1806
SANDS, James Eventful Marriage, The 1806
ANON Winter in Bath, A 1807
LAFONTAINE, August Heinrich Julius ; POWELL, James (trans.) Monk of Dissentis, The 1807
LATHOM, Francis Fatal Vow, The 1807
LATHOM, Francis Human Beings 1807
MELVILLE, Theodore Benevolent Monk, The 1807
ORMSBY, Anne Soldier's Family, The 1807
PILKINGTON, Mary Ellen 1807
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THARMOTT, Maria Sans Souci Park 1807
ANON Banks of the Wye, The 1808
ANON Red Tyger, The 1808
CORRY, John Mysterious Gentleman Farmer, The 1808
GUNNING, Elizabeth [afterwards PLUNKETT, Elizabeth] Exile of Erin, The 1808
PIGAULT-LEBRUN, Guillaume Charles Antoine ; W., E. (trans.) Theodore; or, the Peruvians 1808
SOUTHWOOD, T. Delworth 1808
ST JOHN, Andrew Tales of Former Times 1808
ANON Corinna of England, and a Heroine in the Shade, The 1809
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GREEN, Sarah Tales of the Manor 1809
ANON Black Rock House 1810
ANON Dead Letter Office, The 1811
MOWER, Arthur Welch Mountaineer, The 1811
PARKER, Emma Elfrida 1811
PARKER, Emma Virginia 1811
ANON William and Azubah 1812
ASHE, Thomas Liberal Critic, The 1812
BEAUCLERC, Amelia Alinda 1812
BEAUCLERC, Amelia Castle of Tariffa, The 1812
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COXE, Eliza A. Liberality and Prejudice 1813
PARKER, Emma Aretas 1813
ANON Splendour of Adversity, The 1814
HAYNES, D. F. Pierre and Adeline 1814

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