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British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

Publisher Browse: Publishers beginning with ‘C’: 29 publishers.

Publisher Titles      Publisher Titles
Cadell, Robert & Co 5   Cadell, Thomas & Co 18
Cantwell, Ralph 1   Capurro, Nicolo 1
Carfrae, John & Son 1   Carpenter 4
Carson & Knox 1   Cawthorn, George 5
Cawthorn, James 4   Chalmers, D. & Co 1
Chapple, Clement 31   Charles, J. 1
Clark, Thomas 1   Clarke, G. R. 1
Cock, Charles Frederick 3   Colburn, Henry & Co 163
Collins, T. 1   Connor, J. 4
Constable, Archibald & Co 25   Corri & Co 2
Cowie, George & Co 1   Cox, Edward & Son 1
Cradock & Joy 3   Crosby, Benjamin & Co 56
Cruttwell, Richard 3   Cumming, John 4
Cundee, James 3   Curry, William & Co 6
Cuthell & Martin 2  

A full list of concerns, with their changing partnerships can be found by clicking on this link (in a new window).

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