British Fiction, 18001829

CHARLTON, Mary. Wife And The Mistress, The (1802)

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Morning Chronicle

Tue, 3 Aug 1802. (2.1.5).
‘MINERVA OFFICE. This Day is published’. 4v 12mo. 18s. Sewed.
Notes: [also: just published: Correlia; Isabel; Lady of Cave; Accusing Spirit; Nobility Run Mad; Warkfield Castle]



Tue, 31 May 1803. (1.1.6).
‘Minerva Office. Second Edition. This day was published’. 4v 12mo. 18s. Sewed.
Notes: [also: pre-1800 works by same author; Reprobate; Philosophic Kidnapper; Pirate of Naples]


Edinburgh Evening Courant

Mon, 29 Nov 1802. (3.4.1).
‘Improvement and Amusement. The Following New Publications, By Lane, Newman &Co, Minerva Office, London’. 4v 18s.
The 1st line of header in Mitchell Library (Glasgow) copy is illeg.; what is given here as the header is the second line. [also: Who’s the Murderer, Lady of the Cave, Reprobate, Orphans of Llangloed, Victor, or the Child of the Forest, Independence]. ‘Ladies and Gentleman in this city will find them in circulation at Sibbald’s, Mackay’s; McLeith’s, Baird’s, Lawrie’s, Buchanan’s, Munro’s and Cheyne’s Libraries’.

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