British Fiction, 18001829

MAXWELL, William Hamilton. O’Hara (1825)

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Morning Chronicle

Fri, 8 July 1825. (4.1.13).
‘[Books published this day]’. 2v post 8vo. 18s.
Notes: [quotation in Latin]. ‘Guilty as many of those were, on whom the heavy vengeance of the Government descended, it is malancholy to think that they were not the most guilty’. Edinburgh Review. ‘What a noble fellow,’ said Lord Byron, ‘was Lord Edward Fitzgerald, and what a romantic and singular history was his! If it were not too near our times, it would make the finest subject in the world for an historical novel’.

Sat, 29 Oct 1825. (1.3.15).
‘[Books published this day]’. 2v post 8vo. 18s.
Notes: ‘The scene is laid in Ireland during that terrible period of civil commotion with which Ireland was agitated in 1798, and which, to every man who can think, reads a deep and awful lesson. The story possesses great interest, which is augmented by the circumstances of its containing an accurate sketch of the character and adventures of Lord Edward Fitzgerald’. New Monthly Magazine.

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