British Fiction, 1800–1829

DOHERTY, Ann. Castles Of Wolfnorth And Mont Eagle, The (1812)

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Morning Chronicle

Sat, 4 Apr 1812. (2.1.15).
‘[Books published this day]’. 4v 12mo. 1. 6s. Boards.
Notes: ‘Embellished with original designs and on superfine paper’. ‘This Romance is the History of two noble and powerful families in the reign of King Stephen, and displays the dissentions and deadly feuds which arose from the abuse of the power vested in the Barons and Chieftains by the Feudal System. The Manners of the Age are described with critical exactness; the Splendor of the Tournaments and Festivals, with the Arms, and Dresses of the Knights and Ladies, correctly emblazoned and minutely displayed, and the Architecture of the times faithfully delineated’.

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