British Fiction, 1800–1829

MALARME, Charlotte de Bournon; GOOCH, Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real (trans.). Can We Doubt It? (1804)

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Morning Chronicle

Tue, 18 Dec 1804. (2.2.13).
‘This day is published’. 3v. 10s. 6d.
Notes: ‘The punishment of the wicked, for being long delayed, is not the less severe’. [also: just published: Men and Women; Peep at the World; Castle of Probation; Mount Mausylippo; What you please; Invasion; Tales of the Abbey; Adolphe and Blanche; Something New; Memoirs of Henry Lenox; Letters of a Solitary Wanderer; Mystery; Old Friend with a new face; Lindorf and Caroline; Parental Duplicity; Strolling Player; Stepmother; Rimualdo; Natural Daughter; Memoirs of a Family in Switzerland; Margaret of Strafford; Series of Novels by Mme. De Genlis]

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