Monthly Review; or Literary Journal
The Monthly Review was founded in 1749 by the London bookseller and publisher Ralph Griffiths, and Griffiths was its editor until his death in 1803. After Ralph Griffith’s death, his son George Edward Griffiths became the proprietor and editor. His editorship lasted from 18031825; he was succeeded by Michael Joseph Quinn, who was editor until 1832. The last issue of the Monthly appeared in December 1844. Politically, it was characterised by the liberal, Whiggish, dissenting stance of its founder Griffiths.

From 17631803, the review was published by Ralph Griffiths; from 18031825, by George Edward Griffiths; from May 1825-Apr 1826 by Hurst, Robinson & Co (London) and Constable & Co (Edinburgh); from May-Dec 1826, by Charles Knight; from 18271828 by Hurst, Chance & Co (with others); and from 18281844 by G. Henderson.

Reviews from the Monthly have been drawn from the longer reviews in the main body of the periodical, and from the shorter notices contained in the ‘Monthly Catalogue’ section that appeared at the end of each issue.

Reviews were published anonymously. However, contributors to the second series (17981825) have been identified in Benjamin Christie Nangle in The Monthly Review, Second Series, 17901815: Indexes of Contributors and Articles (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1955).

For further information, see the entry for ‘Monthly Review by Wilbur T. Albrecht in Alvin Sullivan (ed.), British Literary Magazines: The Augustan Age and the Age of Johnson, 16891788, pp. 23137; see also Derek Roper, Reviewing Before the Edinburgh, and Robert D. Mayo The English Novel in the Magazines.

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