Gerrard Tyrrell Circulating Library
11, Lower Sackville Street, Dublin
Date of Catalogue: 1834
Source of Catalogue: National Library of Ireland, Dublin

The catalogue of Tyrrell’s Circulating Library contains a total of 1099 novels first published in the period covered by the ‘British Fiction’ database: this represents nearly 49 per cent of known novels published between 1800 and 1829.

This is a large circulating library catalogue, with fiction taking up pp. 189–273 of the catalogue. Fiction titles are listed under the heading ‘Novels, Tales, and Romances: Ocatvo and Duodecimo’. Fiction is the 2nd largest section of the catalogue, after ‘History, Voyages, Travels, Biography, and Natural History’. Catalogue entries give full title details, number of volumes, and price. Author names are given in roughly one-third of the entries, although the catalogue often uses the formulation ‘by the author of…’. In a few cases, the catalogue gives all titles by an author under the author’s name, especially in cases where the library obviously holds collected editions of an author’s works. This is the case, for example, with Mary Brunton’s novels— Self-Control (EN2 1811: 25), Discipline (EN2 1814: 14), and Emmeline (EN2 1819: 28)—which are listed as a 7-volume set under ‘Brunton’s (Mrs) Works’. The catalogue is also notable for including all 50 volumes of Barbauld’s ‘British Novelists’ series, with the contents of the volumes itemised.

There is a high proportion of Irish fiction held in the library, undoubtedly reflecting the interests of its patrons.

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