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Short Title
x ANON Alphonso di Borgo 1800
x ANON Aluredus 1800
x ANON Baronet, The 1800
x ANON Horatio, of Holstein 1800
x ANON Idalia 1800
x ANON Julia Colville 1800
x ANON Lord of Hardivyle, The 1800
x ANON Midsummer Eve 1800
x ANON Mysterious Penitent, The 1800
x ANON Neighbourhood, The 1800
x ANON Picture of the Age, The 1800
x ANON Sailor Boy, The 1800
x ANON Short Story, A 1800
x ANON Spirit of Turretville, The 1800
x ANON Tales of Truth 1800
x ANON Adamina 1801
x ANON Agnes 1801
x ANON Clara 1801
x ANON Farther Excursions of the Observant Pedestrian 1801
x ANON First Love 1801
x ANON Knight and Mason, The 1801
x ANON Lusignan 1801
x ANON Monastery of Gondolfo, The 1801
x ANON Moral Legacy, The 1801
x ANON Mysterious Friendship 1801
x ANON Scourge of Conscience, The 1801
x ANON Soldier Boy, The 1801
x ANON St Mary's Abbey 1801
x ANON Wise Men of Gosmanthorpe, The 1801
x ANON Author and the Two Comedians, The 1802
x ANON Castle of Probation, The 1802
x ANON Hatred 1802
x ANON History of Netterville, a Chance Pedestrian, The 1802
x ANON Jealousy 1802
x ANON Massouf 1802
x ANON Mysteries of Abruzzo, The 1802
x ANON Nobility Run Mad 1802
x ANON Noble Wanderers, The 1802
x ANON Orphans of Llangloed, The 1802
x ANON Scenes in Wales 1802
x ANON Algernon Percy 1803
x ANON Barbara Markham 1803
x ANON Chances, The 1803
x ANON Convent of St Michael, The 1803
x ANON Don Sancho 1803
x ANON Eccentric Philanthropy 1803
x ANON False Appearances 1803
x ANON Ghost of Harcourt, The 1803
x ANON Human Frailties 1803
x ANON Letters of Miss Riversdale 1803
x ANON Nothing New 1803
x ANON Vale of Conway, The 1803
x ANON Adelaide de Grammont 1804
x ANON Amasina 1804
x ANON Aunt and the Niece, The 1804
x ANON Castle of St Caranza, The 1804
x ANON Citizen's Daughter, The 1804
x ANON Common Life 1804
x ANON Mad Dog, The 1804
x ANON Reformed Reprobate, The 1804
x ANON Talisman, The 1804
x ANON Abbey of Weyhill, The 1805
x ANON Belville-House 1805
x ANON Castle of Santa Fe, The 1805
x ANON Edmond Ironside 1805
x ANON Fisherman's Hut, The 1805
x ANON Hyppolitus 1805
x ANON Idiot Heiress, The 1805
x ANON Memoirs of M. De Brinboc 1805
x ANON Mysterious Father, The 1805
x ANON Mysterious Protector, The 1805
x ANON Rosetta 1805
x ANON Times Past 1805
x ANON Two Pilgrims, The 1805
x ANON Valombrosa 1805
x ANON Bravo of Bohemia, The 1806
x ANON Children of Error, The 1806
x ANON Constantia de Courcy 1806
x ANON Cottager's Daughter, The 1806
x ANON Dellingborough Castle 1806
x ANON Eversfield Abbey 1806
x ANON Ferdinand and Amelia 1806
x ANON Forresti 1806
x ANON Glencore Tower 1806
x ANON Hide and Seek 1806
x ANON Mysterious Sisters, The 1806
x ANON Simple Narrative, A 1806
x ANON Stranger, The 1806
x ANON Two Girls of Eighteen 1806
x ANON Baron de Falkenheim 1807
x ANON Louisa; or the Orphan of Lenox Abbey 1807
x ANON Mandeville Castle 1807
x ANON Margaretta 1807
x ANON Retribution 1807
x ANON Theodore; or, the Enthusiast 1807
x ANON Vesuvia 1807
x ANON Winter in Bath, A 1807
x ANON Banks of the Wye, The 1808
x ANON Baron de Courcy, The 1808
x ANON City Nobility 1808
x ANON Hermit of the Wood, The 1808
x ANON Imaginary Adultress, The 1808
x ANON Life as It Is 1808
x ANON Marianna 1808
x ANON Master Passion, The 1808
x ANON Memoirs of Female Philosophers 1808
x ANON Monks and the Robbers, The 1808
x ANON Mystery upon Mystery 1808
x ANON Newminster Abbey 1808
x ANON Red Tyger, The 1808
x ANON RL Stranger, The 1808
x ANON Romance of the Appennines, The 1808
x ANON Royal Legend, The 1808
x ANON Saint Hilary, the Crusader 1808
x ANON Woman of Colour, The 1808
x ANON Young Mother, The 1808
x ANON Arnold 1809
x ANON Banks of the Carron, The 1809
x ANON Beau Monde, The 1809
x ANON Corinna of England, and a Heroine in the Shade, The 1809
x ANON English Brothers, The 1809
x ANON Gothic Legends 1809
x ANON Monk and the Vine-Dresser, The 1809
x ANON Rosa in London 1809
x ANON Susan 1809
x ANON Towers of Lothian, The 1809
x ANON Truth in the Garb of Fiction 1809
x ANON Acceptance, The 1810
x ANON Adulteress, The 1810
x ANON Anne of Brittanny 1810
x ANON Avenger, The 1810
x ANON Black Rock House 1810
x ANON Caroline Ormsby 1810
x ANON Coelebs in Search of a Mistress 1810
x ANON Daughter, The 1810
x ANON Egbert 1810
x ANON Faulconstein Forest 1810
x ANON House of Lancaster, The 1810
x ANON Lady of the Lake, The 1810
x ANON Madness the Rage 1810
x ANON Man of Sensibility, The 1810
x ANON Present Times and Modern Manners 1810
x ANON Soldier of Pennaflor, The 1810
x ANON Splendid Follies 1810
x ANON Tales of Real Life 1810
x ANON Tales Original and Translated from the Spanish 1810
x ANON Who Can He Be? 1810
x ANON Alidia and Cloridan 1811
x ANON Amonaida 1811
x ANON Bath and London 1811
x ANON Black Banner, The 1811
x ANON British Soldier and Sailor, The 1811
x ANON Dead Letter Office, The 1811
x ANON Decision, The 1811
x ANON Frederick; or, Memoirs of my Youth 1811
x ANON Julia de Vienne 1811
x ANON Mountain Chief, The 1811
x ANON Spectre of the Mountain of Grenada, The 1811
x ANON St Bride's Manor 1811
x ANON Times, The 1811
x ANON Winter in Paris, A 1811
x ANON Adventures of an Ostrich Feather of Quality, The 1812
x ANON Alexis 1812
x ANON Book!!, The 1812
x ANON Elton 1812
x ANON Friends and Lovers 1812
x ANON I'll Consider of It! 1812
x ANON Laura Blundel and her Father 1812
x ANON Lennox Family, The 1812
x ANON Montgomery 1812
x ANON My Own Times 1812
x ANON Old Times and New 1812
x ANON Peep at the Theatres!, A 1812
x ANON Profligate Prince, The 1812
x ANON Sequel to Coelebs, A 1812
x ANON Silvanella 1812
x ANON Substance and Shadow 1812
x ANON William and Azubah 1812
x ANON Yamboo 1812
x ANON Age We Live in: A Fragment, The 1813
x ANON Demetrius 1813
x ANON It Was Me 1813
x ANON Ordeal, The 1813
x ANON Picture of Society, A 1813
x ANON Ruins of Selinunti 1813
x ANON Bachelors' Miseries 1814
x ANON Cabronazos, The 1814
x ANON Coelebs Married 1814
x ANON Conduct 1814
x ANON Irish Girl, The 1814
x ANON Pneumanee 1814
x ANON Popularity 1814
x ANON Splendour of Adversity, The 1814
x ANON Amurath, Prince of Persia 1815
x ANON Annals of Orlingbury, The 1815
x ANON Cavern of Astolpho, The 1815
x ANON Curse of Ulrica, The 1815
x ANON Dangerous Secrets 1815
x ANON Lady Jane's Pocket 1815
x ANON Life, Smooth and Rough as It Runs 1815
x ANON Miseries and Pleasures of Matrimony, The 1815
x ANON Observant Pedestrian Mounted, The 1815
x ANON Tale, for Gentle and Simple, A 1815
x ANON Theresa 1815
x ANON Zeluca 1815
x ANON Cottagers of the Lakes, The 1816
x ANON Diurnal Events 1816
x ANON Elizabeth de Mowbray 1816
x ANON Gulzara, Princess of Persia 1816
x ANON Julia of Ardenfield 1816
x ANON Lavinia Fitz-Aubyn 1816
x ANON Malvern Hills 1816
x ANON Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell and his Children 1816
x ANON Prince, The 1816
x ANON Romantic Facts 1816
x ANON St Clyde 1816
x ANON Uncle Tweazy and his Quizzical Neighbours 1816
x ANON Actress of the Present Day, The 1817
x ANON Conirdan 1817
x ANON Hardenbrass and Haverill 1817
x ANON Howard Castle 1817
x ANON Modern Manners 1817
x ANON Ponsonby 1817
x ANON Reft Rob 1817
x ANON Revealer of Secrets, The 1817
x ANON Three Weeks at Fladong's 1817
x ANON Bandit Chief, The 1818
x ANON Benignity 1818
x ANON Brambleton Hall 1818
x ANON Castles in the Air 1818
x ANON Civilization 1818
x ANON Delusion 1818
x ANON Dunethvin 1818
x ANON Dunsany 1818
x ANON History of Julius Fitz-John, The 1818
x ANON Jessy 1818
x ANON Mandeville; or, the Last Words of a Maniac! 1818
x ANON Prodigious!!! 1818
x ANON Provincials, The 1818
x ANON Sir James the Ross 1818
x ANON Soldiers of Venezuela, The 1818
x ANON Sophia 1818
x ANON Submission Exemplified 1818
x ANON Albany 1819
x ANON Black Convent, The 1819
x ANON Castle of Villa-Flora, The 1819
x ANON Coraly 1819
x ANON Edward Wortley, and the Exile of Scotland 1819
x ANON Englishman in Paris, The 1819
x ANON Errors and their Consequences 1819
x ANON Families of Owen and De Montfort, The 1819
x ANON Gogmagog-Hall 1819
x ANON Intriguing Beauty, and the Beauty without Intrigue, The 1819
x ANON London: Or, a Month at Stevens's 1819
x ANON Melcombe Lodge 1819
x ANON Metropolis, The 1819
x ANON My Old Cousin 1819
x ANON Normanburn 1819
x ANON Pleasures of Want, The 1819
x ANON Principle and Passion 1819
x ANON Sentimental Journey through Margate and Hastings, A 1819
x ANON United Irishman, The 1819
x ANON Varieties in Woman 1819
x ANON Augustus 1820
x ANON De Clifford 1820
x ANON Edinburgh: A Satirical Novel 1820
x ANON Edward, or the Pursuit of Happiness 1820
x ANON Exile, The 1820
x ANON Good-Humour 1820
x ANON Olivia, or the Orphan 1820
x ANON Smugglers, The 1820
x ANON West-Indian, The 1820
x ANON Bannockburn 1821
x ANON Bigotry 1821
x ANON Concealment 1821
x ANON Feuds of Luna and Perollo, The 1821
x ANON Happiness 1821
x ANON Maurice Powell 1821
x ANON Memoirs of a Man of Fashion 1821
x ANON National Feeling 1821
x ANON Old Wives' Tales 1821
x ANON Priest, The 1821
x ANON Privateer, The 1821
x ANON Scheming 1821
x ANON Such Is the World 1821
x ANON Tale of Olden Time, A 1821
x ANON Traits and Trials 1821
x ANON Vicar of Iver, The 1821
x ANON Agnes; or, the Triumph of Principle 1822
x ANON Blighted Ambition 1822
x ANON Blue Mountains, The 1822
x ANON Court of Holyrood, The 1822
x ANON Days of Queen Mary, The 1822
x ANON French Protestant, The 1822
x ANON Lemira of Lorraine 1822
x ANON Maria; a Tale of a Southern Valley 1822
x ANON No Enthusiasm 1822
x ANON Tales from Switzerland 1822
x ANON Tales, by an Unwilling Author 1822
x ANON Village Coquette, The 1822
x ANON Which Is the Heroine? 1822
x ANON Alpine Tale, An 1823
x ANON First Affections 1823
x ANON Isabel de Barsas 1823
x ANON Koromantyn Slaves, The 1823
x ANON Mammon in London 1823
x ANON Maria; or, a Shandean Journey of a Young Lady 1823
x ANON Modes of Life 1823
x ANON Pleasures of Friendship, The 1823
x ANON School for Mothers, The 1823
x ANON Tales of my Father, and my Friends 1823
x ANON Tracey the Poet 1823
x ANON Willoughby 1823
x ANON Arthur Seymour 1824
x ANON Caprice 1824
x ANON Emily; or, Traits of Principle 1824
x ANON Family Picture Gallery, The 1824
x ANON Father and Son, The 1824
x ANON First Love; a Tale of my Mother's Times 1824
x ANON Gilmour 1824
x ANON Human Heart, The 1824
x ANON James Forbes 1824
x ANON Procrastination 1824
x ANON Relapse, The 1824
x ANON Sir Andrew Sagittarius 1824
x ANON Tales from Afar 1824
x ANON Abduction, The 1825
x ANON Colonel Berkley and his Friends 1825
x ANON English Life 1825
x ANON Every Day Occurrences 1825
x ANON Going Too Far 1825
x ANON Husband Hunting 1825
x ANON Missionary, The 1825
x ANON New Landlord's Tales 1825
x ANON St Hubert 1825
x ANON Writer's Clerk 1825
x ANON Eccentric Traveller, The 1826
x ANON Eustace Fitz-Richard 1826
x ANON Montville 1826
x ANON Moss-Troopers, The 1826
x ANON Paywicke 1826
x ANON Rebel, The 1826
x ANON Stories for the Christmas Tree 1826
x ANON Bride of Obeyda, The 1827
x ANON Chateau of Leaspach 1827
x ANON Ellmer Castle 1827
x ANON Guards, The 1827
x ANON Hamel 1827
x ANON High Life 1827
x ANON Hyde Nugent 1827
x ANON Roman Catholic Priest, The 1827
x ANON Romances and Tales for the Winter Fire-Side 1827
x ANON Stories of Chivalry and Romance 1827
x ANON Veritas Vincit 1827
x ANON De Beauvoir 1828
x ANON De Lacy 1828
x ANON Edmund O'Hara 1828
x ANON Hundred Years Hence, A 1828
x ANON Lairds of Fife, The 1828
x ANON Marcella 1828
x ANON Marly 1828
x ANON Mortimers, The 1828
x ANON Night Watch, The 1828
x ANON Rector of Overton, The 1828
x ANON Subaltern's Log Book, The 1828
x ANON Tower of Clanmalloch, The 1828
x ANON Victoria 1828
x ANON Davenels, The 1829
x ANON D'Erbine 1829
x ANON Fate of Graysdale, The 1829
x ANON Jesuitism and Methodism 1829
x ANON Life of a Midshipman, The 1829
x ANON Pacococo 1829
x ANON Reay Morden 1829
x ANON School of Fashion, The 1829
x ANON Tales of Four Nations 1829
x ANON Tales of Perplexity 1829
x ANON Three Weeks in the Downs 1829
x ANON Waldegrave 1829
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