British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception

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TAYLER, Charles Benjamin 2   TAYLOR, Miss 3
TAYLOR, Ann 2   TAYLOR, B. 1
TAYLOR, Eliza 1   TAYLOR, Jane 5
TAYLOR, Sarah 1   TAYLOR, William 1
TEMPEST, Basil 1   TEMPLE, Edmond 2
TEMPLE, Mrs F. 1   THARMOTT, Maria 1
THIRWALL, Connop 1   THOMAS, Elizabeth 10
THOMPSON, Benjamin 1   THOMSON, Anna 2
THOMSON, Harriet 2   THOMSON, James 1
THOMSON, Richard 1   THORNTON, Alfred 1
TICKEN, William 1   TIECK, Johann Ludwig 1
TIGHE, Hugh Usher 1   TONNA, Charlotte Elizabeth 2
TORRENS, Robert 2   TRELAWNEY, Anne 2
TROTTER, John Bernard 1   TROTTER, Robert 2
TRUEBA Y COSIO, Joaquin Telesforo de 2   TUCK, Mary 1
TUCKER, George 1   TUCKETT, T. R. 1
TURNER, Margaret 1   TYLER, Royall 1

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