British Fiction, 18001829

MONKLAND, Anne Catherine. Life in India (1828)

Anecdotal Records

Letter from Maria Edgeworth to Fanny Wilson.
25 Nov 1830.
[Edgeworth discusses Lady Morgan’s new work.] ‘Life in India’ also has amused me exceedingly and I have great anticipation of pleasure from the thoughts of seeing Pakenham read it before me. The dear little dog, the dear little Griffin I should say but why you will never know till you read ‘Life in India’. Thank you my dear for sending that book with me—Half an hour after I go up to my bedroom at night I sit delightfully reading it by a bright wood fire till the clock strikes eleven and hour and a half I read [435/436] it in the morning before breakfast viz from 8 striking, till half after 9. I get up at 7-striking—out of bed Mem (and you will never know why I say ‘Mem’ till you read ‘Life in India’).
Source: Maria Edgeworth: Letters from England 1813–1844, ed. by Christina Colvin (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1971), pp. 435–36.

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